Republic of Yor Navy

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Republic of Yor Navy
CountryRealm Of Yor Isles
AllegianceYork Armed Forces
RoleMaritime warfare
Size42,000 Personnel

33 Ships
Chief Of NavyRear Admiral Feodosij Yevhenovych Rusnak
Chief Of Staff NavyRear Admiral Ostap Antonovych Panchuk
Master ChiefArtem Vyacheslavovych Moskalenko

The Republic of Yor Navy (RYN) is the naval component of the York Isles Armed Forces (YAF), responsible for the defense of Yor against sea-borne threats and protection of its sea lines of communications. Operating within the crowded littoral waters of the York Strait, the York Navy is regarded as one of the best in the region and works closely with the Royal Navy and the Royal Kuthern Navy to combat piracy surrounding their coasts. All commissioned ships of the RYN have the prefix RYS standing for (Republic of Yor Ship).