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Velocit Kelssek
Type State corporation
Industry Rail transport
Area served Kelssek, Vekaiyu
Headquarters Neorvins
Revenue τ 7.2 billion (2017)

Velocit Kelssek (French: Vélocit Kelssek) is the operator of high-speed railway services in Kelssek. The network carries 140 million passengers per year, connecting Kelssek's major cities. In 2017 it launched international service across the Plain of Yasteria to the city of Provinsk, Vekaiyu. Velocit trains typically operate at speeds of 320 to 360 km/h.

Established by the Kelssek High-speed Railway System Act in 2005 to construct and operate the railway lines, Velocit adopted its present corporate identity ahead of the launch of the first service in 2008. It is an autonomous corporation which is majority state-owned; the law mandates that the Government of Kelssek must maintain at least a 51 per cent ownership of voting shares. Velocit is accountable to Parliament through the Minister of Transport, who is responsible for approving its operating budget and has the power to issue directives to the board of directors. It is also subject to monitoring by the Auditor General of Kelssek.


Map of current Velocit routes

Velocit lines are electrified with 25kV AC current, and 84% of the service lengths run on dedicated high-speed lines. There are two crucial bottlenecks in the system. On the East line, a section of non-dedicated track north of Saint-Rémy occasionally causes delays because a bridge across the Walesi river must be shared with slow-moving cargo trains. Another problem spot is the Howlings Gap Tunnel on the West line, where the steep grade requires the trains to slow down significantly in adverse weather conditions for safety reasons.

Velocit East

The first line to be completed, East was constructed between Kirkenes, Neorvins, and Outineau. This was extended northwards to Redswyth, Latrobe, Clayquot and Kenting Rush, in a phase completed in 2014.

Velocit Pacific

The Pacific line was the second part to be completed and runs along the coast of Haligonia and Beaulac, connecting Breton, Saint-Richard, Langlois, and Saint-Remy, where it joined the Velocit East line. Later upgrading of tracks for Outineau-Langlois and Outineau-Breton routes are also considered to be part of this line.

Velocit West

Plans for expansion west had been nixed by the Pierre Gautain government in 2009, over concerns about the cost and technical challenges of building a high-speed line through the Boundary Mountains. Expansion only resumed after the Greens returned to power at the 2010 federal elections. Construction began on the West line in 2012, with the route to Burnaby completed in 2016. Negotiations continue with the provincial government of Conryia as to how Velocit should connect to the Conryia Rail system. The province has its own high-speed service between Vickery and Mazinaw.

Velocit Yasteria

Completed in 2017 ahead of the 12th Summer Olympics, this line connects Ulaynof to Novonaya. The international portion of this line then crosses the Plain of Yasteria and terminates at Provinsk. Passengers entering Kelssek must disembark for customs and immigration procedures at Novonaya Stalbund station.

Future expansion

In 2018 plans for a new line to connect Outineau to Burnaby via Pembina began exploratory phases. Part of the Velocit masterplan released in 2019 also envisions an extension of the West line to connect with the Conryia Rail high-speed system at Kalista, approximately midway between the province's main cities of Mazinaw and Vickery.


Most Velocit services run with Standard and Hospitality class cars, with buffet-bar cars. Standard class amenities include power plugs and tray tables. Hospitality class includes larger seats and screen for in-seat entertainment, free checked baggage, as well as beverage and food cart service. All trains are equipped with wireless internet, allowing passengers connecting with their own devices to access live television and video-on-demand. All passengers are assigned reserved seats. Overnight Velocit West and Yasteria services are also equipped with sleeper (shared bunks) and suite cars, branded as Starlight and Starlight Premium respectively.