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Vayuean, also known as Vayuek, is a native language to the Vayue Special Region in the country of Veutoa. This language, spoken as native by around 12-20 million people, is the third or fourth, depending on the measurement, most spoken language in Veutoa and one of the most important regional languages in East Gondwana, expanding as further south as the province of Schärbruck, in East Cerdani (which has around 90,000 natives and more learning or having it as second language), as far west as Nagato and Adrestia, in Fódlan, and as north as United Malordia.



Vayuean, as much other languages, has many pecularities. Long words, smashed up together, make one of the first ones to come to mind, words like Kuvasanakutiyamaratopokivececesusuranmanakete, Urisivanamakototomoniskaver or Surimurikavaopisokomoloturyoemej come to mind. But there's other things, like Çtrucseke (spelt Cèastrukeke) or Ànànósme (spelt Anáa'nuseeme) and =?, ?= or aserum (spelt aetserum) are many pecularities of this language.

By far, the weirdest word in the language is Kuricisnarakuinopoñolozitahahakukuuviribabaewequrtiyanenesomonoxoirigejesun, with 73 letters, making it the largest word in all languages spoken in Veutoa. It is also a city name in the Vayuean District of Kenarithakubaequjesun, a shortened version of the place for administrative and diplomatic purposes.


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