Valentines Day Massacre

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Valentines Day Massacre
Part of Terrorism in the Ethalns
LocationKarinthus, Vothetria
Date14 February 2020
18:15 - 19:02 (UTC+7)
  1. Vigar Bridge
  2. Florists Walk
  3. The Flazelle
Weapons7 machetes and knifes
5 Beilrout M70s
2 Alkurmeda AP1s
Approx 0.7 tonne plastic explosive
Deaths84 (77 civilian and police, 7 perpetrators)
Injured153 (74 critically)
VictimsCivilian, police
PerpetratorsSouthern Auroran Front (SAF)
MotiveKostoria-Obertonian nationalism

On 14 February 2019, a terrorist vehicle-ramming and stabbing took place in Karinthus, Vothetria. A van was deliberately driven into pedestrians on Vigar Bridge before hitting the side of a building and stopping in the middle of Florist Walk. Its seven occupants then began stabbing people in and around restaurants and pubs, the most notable being the Flazelle. The attackers were Kostoria-Obertonian nationals inspired by the Southern Auroran Front (SAF). Six out of seven were shot dead by metropolitan police whilst returning fire, one perpetrator returned to the van and detonated a previously unknown IED. 77 people were killed and 153 were injured, including members of the public and four armed police officers.

The IED explosion caused the most damage, downing a hovering news helicopter, causing large damage and fire to buildings on the street. The killings were dubbed the Valentines Day Massacre.

The then Vice-Prime Minister Saoirse Mambat was a victim, sustaining rib injuries, but her husband Fred Mambat was stabbed multiple times and was later pronounced dead.