Vothetrian Socialists' Party

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Vothetrian Socialist' Party

Vöhmian Sozialistische Partei
Party ChairmanHanna Boeler
Deputy ChairmanMia Penning
FounderHanna Boeler
Mia Penning
Matthaus Zuuker
Founded6 November 2017
Preceded byNone
HeadquartersCastle Black, Karinthus, Vothetria
Democratic socialism
Socialist feminism
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationNone

The Vothetrian Socialist' Party (Ethalrian: Vöhmian Sozialistische Partei, VSP) is a far-left political party established during the provisional government of Vothetria. A minor party, it has not won any seats in either the February or June 2019 Elections. The party had its most successful month in mid-July to mid-August 2019, with demonstrations against the government pulling Karinthus to a halt.

After a failed coup d'etat in 2019, Prime Minister Sarohart banned all communist parties from the chamber, including the VSP. The party fled Vothetria to an unknown location in either Kothalria or Thalria.