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Noorvic Diet

Tenth Diet
Founded30 January 1986
Preceded byNoorvistian Chamber of Culture (1879–1987)
Presiding Chancellor
Magne A. Frisk, Joint List
since 14 April 2022
Deputy Speaker
Halvard K. Tranum, Viktorist People's Party
since 14 April 2022
Leader of the Opposition
Ada V. Breiner, Noorvic Equality Forum
since 11 April 2018
Political groups
Governing Council (17)
  •   Joint List (9)
    •   Libertarian (5)
    •   KCP (4)
  •   Viktorist People's Party (8)

Confidence and Supply (3)

  •   Movement of Our Community (3)

Opposition (13)

  •   Noorvic Equality Forum (5)
  •   Noorvista Progressive Alliance (3)
  •   Noorvic New Left Party (3)
  •   Noorvic National Democratic Union (2)
Additional member system
Last election
14 April 2022
Next election
Meeting place
Noorvisdag Building, Staathorpe, Vistaraland

The Skvalandersägg, also known as the Noorvic Diet (Vistarian: Noorvisdag), is a unicameral representative body of the Noorvic language minority of Vistaraland, primarily those within the northern regions of Noorvista and Adliausirijk. The body was opened shortly after the end of the Guilder's Strait Conflict as a provision of the Treaty of Rotsbaai, being formed as a concession to the militant Noorvic group Veitård. The body absorbed many of the duties of the appointed Noorvistian Chamber of Culture, which served to preserve and document areas and cultural practices important to the Noorvic people as well as the more dominant Vistarian-speaking population of Noorvista. The body resides in the city of Staathorpe, capital of Kuiperseiland and the self-proclaimed "largest bilingual city" of the Constituent Kingdom of Vistaraland.