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Lucyna Expedition
Mission typeCrewed Lunar Landing
OperatorNorthern Concordian Space Agency and Committee for Space Exploration and Development
COSPAR ID2023-172A
SATCAT no.Lucyna CSM: 6034
Lucyna LM: 6079
Mission duration29 days
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftLucyna CSM-150

Lucyna LM-11

Lucyna MB-03
ManufacturerLucyna CSM: Voiture Aérienne, Norgveltian Aviation Company and various other companies.

Lucyna LM: Voiture Aérienne

Lucyna MB: Voiture Aérienne and Norgsveltian Aviation Company
Crew size5
MembersVanessa LaRue

Gérôme Sartre
Raver Ørnvikda
Ny’Ras Helgni

Carl Tomassøn
Start of mission
Launch dateJanuary 1, 2023, 11:32:09 UTC
RocketMjølnir VI
Launch siteVestborg, Nvveldet, Norgsveldet
End of mission
Recovered byFCSS Delsarte
Recovery dateJanuary 29, 2023
Landing dateJanuary 29, 2023
Landing siteConcordian Ocean

Lucyna Expedition (January 1-29)