Union of Wessæria

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Union of Wessæria

Wessaerian Forāning (Tretridian)
Flag of Union of Wessæria
Flag of Wessæria (1892 - 1926)
Map of Wessæria in 1920
Map of Wessæria in 1920
StatusAutonomous Region of Tretridian Southwest Gondwana (until 1920)
Constitutional Monarchy under de jure Tretridian Protection (from 1920)
Common languagesTretridian (Official)
Malaipaki (Native Lingua Franca)
Various Tribal Languages
GovernmentFederal parlimemtary semi-constitutional Monarchy (until 1920)

Unitary parlimentary constitutional Monarchy (de jure from 1920)

Unitary dominamt-party authoritarian parlimentary constitutional monarchy (de facto from 1922)
• 1858-1860
Eadgyð II (first)
• 1906-1926
Ælfric II (last)
First Minister 
• 1858-1860
Ecgbriht Wymane (first)
• July - October 1926
Wymond Landyn (last)
Historical era19th - 20th Century
• Wessæric Government Act
4 May 1849
• Heptarchy Act
23 October 1926
CurrencyTretridian Pound (1849-1921)
Wessæric Pound (1921-1926)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tretridian Southwest Gondwana
Kingdom of Malaipaki
Vakatukala State
Katapataiar State
Kingdom of Vellinati
Ehkunil State
Aricini State
Kingdom of Iratulama
Today part ofWessæria

The Union of Wessæria was a dominion of Tretrid from the mid 19th Century until it's dissolusion in 1926. It spent most of it's history as an autonomous part of Tretridian Southwest Gondwana, though voluntarily remained under Tretridian Protection until its dissolvement as a unified statw due to rising ethnic tensions and a undemocratic leadership that remained more accountable to Tretridians both in the country and in Cynebury than a majority of its own people.