Tretridio-Lapinumbian War

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Tretridio-Lapinumbian War
DateMarch 10, 1867 – June 4, 1869 (1867-03-10 – 1869-06-04)
(2 years, 2 months and 25 days)
South Novaris
 Tretrid  Lapinumbia
Commanders and leaders
Tretrid Eadmund IV
Tretrid Osbeorn Eadwinesunu
Tretrid Eadwine Leofstanesunu
Tretrid Osmund Wigstanesunu
Tretrid Eastmund Eadricesunu
Lapinumbia Candido Albano
Lapinumbia Nestore Poggio
Lapinumbia Silvestro Sapienti
Lapinumbia Giordano Pavoni
517,000 548,000
Casualties and losses

Total: 130,509

12,476 killed in action
14,642 died of wounds
64,843 died of disease

38,548 wounded

Total: 133,232

12,942 killed in action
15,274 died of wounds
67,473 died of disease

37,543 wounded