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FoundedLambertupol, Caltharus (February 14, 1913 (1913-02-14))
FounderDavian Gwendall
Lambertupol Head Office
Number of locations
Key people
Maeloc Isacs (CEO), (President), (Chairman)
RevenueIncrease $18.401 billion

Calsta Modular Vehicle
Name Type Crew Unit Cost Notes Picture
Calsta APC Armored Personel Carrier 2-3 + 12 1,9 million $ Calsta APC is the most basic version of the modular Calsta vehicle. It entered service in the RAFOTE in 2004 and surpassed the Buckler as the army's main APC in 2006. Armed with a remote controlled 7,62mm machine gun the Calsta is more than capable of defending itself from enemy infantry, but experiences in the APW proved that the vehicle lacks capability to deal with armored targets.
Calsta IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle 3+8 2,6 million $ Calsta IFV variant can be armed with anything from 105mm cannons to anti-tank missiles. Combined with it's high speed and excellent rough terrain capabilities it can be seen as a highly capable IFV that can handle itself in almost any terrain. Thanks to it's high customizability it has achieved the most export success of any Calsta vehicle. It entered RAFOTE service in 2010, though as a secondary IFV to the Halberd Tracked IFV.
Calsta Redmund Mortar Carrier Mortar Carrier 5 4,9 million $ The most expensive of all the Calsta variants, the Calsta Mortar Carrier, is the cornerstone of RAFOTE's mechanized mortar companies. It allows for accurate and devastating indirect fire support for RAFOTE's fastest moving troops such as tanks and mechanized infantry. Armed with twin 120mm mortars it is capable of landing up to 10 grenades simultaneously as far as 10km away.
Calsta Export Mortar Carrier "Pip" Mortar Carrier 4 4 million $ With the Redmund reserved only for RAFOTE itself and few most trusted allies, Trech designed another mortar carrier with only a single 120mm mortar in it's turret purely for exportation.