The Holy Listener

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The Holy Listener
DeityThe Holy Listener
FounderGBOC (Grindoligarchian Black Operation's Core)
OriginOperation Holy Listener (Agent Olaf Jimenez)

Suggested by GBOC Agent Olaf Jimenez to use the need for religion in members of the state still practicing some form of religion (though there are very few remaining) to the state's advantage. The Religion of the Holy Listener was a theory that stated that by creating a false religion that had practices beneficial to the state that we could simultaneously have many in the population loyal and assisting us (inadvertently) and avoid the unwanted side effects of less agreeable religions (pacifism, morality, self-sacrifice for "good", etc). This program, here-by referred to as Project Holy Listener, was implemented first is some of the more religious areas on the outskirts of sluminia in order to test the concept before making it too widespread to clean up if need be. Local religious leaders were either removed or re-educated and with that Project Holy Listener began taking effect. All disciples or followers were given "The Holy Listener's Ear", a recording device through which they were to practice the religion and speak to The Holy Listener. A book was printed and distributed accordingly to acceptable religious leaders in the area titled, "The Tenements of the Holy Listener" which stated the Holy Listener's rules- many of which coincided with rules of the state in very indirect ways. Most importantly the text stated that all sins of both the self and of others would be forgiven if admitted to the Holy Listener in both an admittance of guilt and of forgiveness. Due to this, many dissenters were strategically apprehended as followers would (overtime as Project Holy Listener gained more traction over the following months) report both themselves and their friends, family, and neighbors through their search for faith and salvation. Project Holy Listener has been implemented statewide, with any dissenters speaking out against the practice and implementing the state/attempting to challenge followers' blind faith being silenced and/or removed.