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'The Duo' is a alias for a pair of mercenaries and bounty hunters on Urth. They are commonly employed by the South Hills Council of Governments and other governments, along with private companies in "black ops". Though the existance of such a duo is denied by the Council of Governments, they are regularly employed for operations that can not be tied directly to the government. Expendable but reliable.

The duo has achieved a almost legendary status among the military and intelligence sectors, and are known as the bigfoot of the industry; No one really sees them, only the carnage they leave behind.

They are believed to operate out of Tano, though the exact location is unknown.

No officialized pictures of the duo exists, as such, artist renditions are used.

Marcus Kingsley

A artist sketch of Marcus in a operation in Dveria, 2013.

Maxwell Lockerbie

Maxwell, who simply goes by Max, is a vulpine victim of the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War, believed to have lost most of his immediate family in the fighting(A popular theory is that Lockerbie was out training during the Iruk chemical bombings, killing a majority, if not all, of his immediate family). A promising young student, he began university to be a civil air pilot. At the age of 17 at the outbreak of the Civil War, he was drafted into the military of Maxist forces of Meyshevyu, as a rushed fighter pilot, though due to lack of proper documentation in the breakaway state, his Vekaiyun birth name is unknown.

In a attempt to escape military service for the Maxist forces(and as a recognition that he would not last long against the superior air forces of Vekaiyu, Vulshain, and Allegheny), which it is believed he disagreed with politically, Maxwell went on the run, was eventually captured and, was almost executed by Firing Squad in the middle of the street for desertion, when Marcus, on a operation gone bad, burst through in a firefight with Maxist forces.

The pair found themselves helping eachover escape, with Maxwell knowing the layout of the city to escape. Realizing that Maxwell had no real hope in the wartorn country, Marcus offered him a 'way out', and he accepted. The pair made their way through the war-torn countryside, and, eventually, into a evacuated military base. They found a abandoned helicopter of the Vekaiyun Armed Forces, which was commandeered by the pair and used for their escape.

Due to a lack of communication from the (stolen) helicopter, the helicopter was mistaken for a rebel aircraft, and was shot down over the province of Eldura by a Vekaiyun fighter. Kingsley successfully bailed as Maxwell attempted to make a controlled landing, and landed without injury, however, the crash landing knocked Lockerbie unconcious for several hours, and a piece of shrapnel from the impact cut a several inch wide hole through his right ear, leaving a scar visible to this day.

The helicopter was surrounded by elements of the 11th Infantry Division, and a unconcious Lockerbie was taken as a prisoner of war, despite Kingsley's objections. The interrogation record of a half-awake Lockerbie is the only recorded instance of his voice, in which he seemed dazed and confused from the crash. Though Kingsley was almost immediatly released and free to go, instead of choosing to leave Lockerbie to his fate, he stayed and fought to his defense for the course of the interrogation.

After several hours in custody, the pairs story checked out (mostly due to Kingsley operating with the Loyalist government), and both were released. It is believed Kingsley left the country with Lockerbie at this point, though where they went exactly is unknown.