Steven II

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Steven II
Portrait captured by Sir June Feargo, 2019
Prince of Vivancantadia
Duke of Cordonah
PredecessorGian I
Heir apparentBenedict IV
Prime MinisterAira Rhuzi
Born (1995-08-19) 19 August 1995 (age 28)
Erfuega House, Ibrahim, Vilelcano, Vivancantadia
WifeLady Imanesae (m. 2017)
IssuePrince Benedict of Cordonah
Princess Nidchki of Cordonah
Steven Lobela Zjarri Erfuega
MotherQueen Florentia
SignatureSteven II's signature

Steven II (Steven Lobela Zjarri Erfuega, born in August 19th, 1995) is the Prince of Vivancantadia and current Duke of Cordonah.

Steven was born in the Erfuega House and is the second child of King Benedict III and Queen Florentia IV, following his brother, Gian I 2 years after his brith. As the same situation as Gian, Steven's birth was also put in secret due to recent assassination attempts on the royal family. He was educated in the royal palace and from birth, he was the prince and next-in-line on the throne after Gian.

With his father's death months after his brother's marriage, Steven took his father's place as the Duke of Cordonah, the second largest state of Vivancantadia.

Early Life

Steven was born at 04:34 PM (GMT) on 19 August 1995 during the reign of his father King Benedict. He rather lived his younger ages as a less stricted life as he was the second born child, but still he was educated properly with Gian. Instead of being born in the Cordonah which is main standpoint of House Erfuega, he was born in Ibrahim at the Royal Palace.

His birthplace was in Ibrahim, the capital of the nation. Him and his older brother, Gian were educated at home under the supervision of their parents, but sometimes only her mother, and their governess, Lady Thuamedesha, Shpritis. Lessons mainly focused on politics, history, geography and Vivancantadian Culture. They are also taught to speak in bought Impelanzan and Staynish.


Though not as intelligent as Gian, Steven still showed his uniqueness and talent at later ages. in 2012, at 17 years old, he attended Tebsloweas University in Oisoneun, the same university his brother took and taking chemistry as his major. He graduated in 2015 as a Dean's Lister and scoring the highest GPA in his last quarter with a GPA of 3.8 in his final examination.


Steven met his future wife, Lady Imanesae during his ruling in 2015 as the Duke of Cordonah. Lady Imanesae was the first daughter of the House Forentium, the house that rules in the State of Jarte. He fell in love with her at first sight, but his manliness took a hard hit when he was rejected by Lady Imanesae and said 'someone egoistical guy' so he vowed to do his best and courted Lady Imanesae until their marriage in 2017. Lady Imanesae said during at a interview that she said that cause she wanted to see Steven who he truly is. But in reality, she also fell in love with him at first sight.


Duke of Cordonah

As his father's death, Steven took up the role of being the Duke of the State of Cordonah, taking Steven II as his regnal name from his great-grand uncle bearing the same name. Being his starting point for his future ruling. He rules without using an iron-fist and rather, trying to raise the standard livings of the people in the said state. He plans to pass the title to his first son, Benedict IV when he is prepared to take the role as a duke.

Future King

As Gian announced, Gian plans to step down on throne and pass it to him as early as possible so problems won't stack up in the near future. It is still unknown when Gian will step down but from some news inside the Royal Palace, it is said to be schedule around mid 2021. Furthermore details will be added soon.