Gian I of Vivancantadia

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Gian I
Portrait captured by Sir June Feargo, 2019
Kings of Vivancantadia
Duke of Vilelcano
ReignDecember 19, 2014 - present
Coronation18 December 2014
PredecessorKing Benedict
Brother apparentSteven II
Prime MinisterAira Rhuzi
Born (1993-04-02) 2 April 1993 (age 31)
Erfuega House, Delcano, Cordonah, Vivancantadia
HusbandKing Andrew I (m. 2014)
Gian Zjarri Waris Erfuega
MotherQueen Florentia
SignatureGian I's signature

Gian I(Gian Waris Zjarri Erfuega; born April 2nd, 1993) is King of Vivancantadia. He is the current commander-in-chief of the Royal Armed Forces of Vivancantadia.

Gian was born in Erfuega House and is the first child of King Benedict III and Queen Florentia IV before followed by his younger brother, Steven II 2 years later. His birth was kept secret for a while as an assassination attempt happened at Queen when she was carrying him in her womb until it was publicize a few months later. He was educated privately from the Royal Palace and from birth he was the heir apparent. He began his duties as a Prince as early as 18 years old in 2011, stating that he wants to know the people better before he rules to remove the doubts of the people on him when he reigned. He married Sir Andrew Kleineus, Michioisie of Kleineus in 2014. As both of them are males, they have no heir apparents as he apparently plans to step down on his throne for his younger brother to avoid many unbearable conflicts in the near future.

With his father's death months after his marriage, Gian, along with Andrew, became the new heads of the Vivancantadian constitution, marking the history pages as the first male couple to be the heads of the state, making the nation rather a Diarchy.

Early Life

Gian was born at exactly 02:00 AM (GMT) on 2 April 1993 during the reign on his father, King Benedict. His mother, Queen Florentia, was the oldest daughter of Prince Rentaro, Duke of Vilelcano at that time. His mother had suffered from an incurable heart disease in her late forties and the Queen at that time was in a point of a assassination and would put the nation in utter chaos if she were to be killed along with her unborn son. His birth gave relief all over the nation as the bloodline continues. In his teenage years, he decided not to be named from his old great-grandparents or any generation as it would render his name useless and instead kept his real name and started another legacy in the new world.

His birthplace almost happened in Khjzhde a city neighboring Delcano in Cordonah, but was moved and changed into Delcano for safety reasons. Him and his younger brother, Steven were educated at home under the supervision of their parents, but sometimes only her mother, and their governess, Lady Thuamedesha, Shpritis. Lessons mainly focused on politics, history, geography and Vivancantadian Culture. They are also taught to speak in bought Impelanzan and Staynish.


At an early age, Gian showed a higher potential than average children in Vivancantadia, scoring a 145 in the Vivancantadian aptitude test, which resulted with his IQ being 148 and reported to learn advanced education at a shorter span of time and at 13 years old, in 2006 Gian attended Tebsloweas University in Oiseoneun,advancing on his entire high-school, taking law as his course while hidden under a fake name. in 2010 he graduated as the Trinity Student, the highest honor attainable in college and scoring high in the final ecamination.


Gian met his future husband, Sir Andrew Kleineus 3 years after his studies in a rather weird and life-threatening situation but nevertheless he was glad that it actually happened. He said that after his mother's death he sort of 'rebelled' he said and went out in the giants streets of Ibrahim, and as if it some sort of a story, he got in a fight with a drunken man and got stabbed in his stomach in the alleyway and luckily encountered Andrew who was on his way home. Gian noted that this situation seemed like a type of that cliche stories he once read but found it very challenging. He also added that he fell in love with Andrew due to 'the way he differently thinks on every situations which he literally does find weird until to this day' he stated to his brother, Steven who was attentively listening to him and very accepting of his sexuality.

At this time there was a lot of news of the same organization who tried to assassinate him and his brother as well as Andrew but none of them give furthermore information regarding to this matter. He was 21 years old when their engagement was announced in February 21, 2014, which shocked the whole nation to the sudden suprise.

Gian and Andrew were married at the Royal Ibrahim Palace in 15 May, 2014. The event was a invite-only with less people for security purposes but was broadcasted through the neighboring countries. As they have sealed their vows, the Third Michioisie in the Vivancantadian history was made, the Michioisie of Kleineus, named after Andrew's surname, whom of which did not came from a royal blood and was rather a normal citizen of the country.


Ascension and Coronation

Gian's father was really in his worst state during the wedding and passed away 2 months after the said event, King Benedict already have processed the matters when this happens and at 21 July, 2014, while he was away in the state of Cordonah, the word has arrived along the death of the king and Gian and Andrew's successions on both thrones. As mentioned before, he was given the regnal name of Benedict VI, seconds after this was asked his answer was already no, choosing to decline and staying with his name, creating a new regnal legacy in the Monarchy of Vivancantadia. He stated along the lines of 'father's will' and 'his last words to him' he said, rather not discussing the situation further.

The coronation date happened in 18 December 2014. Again the event was televised worldwide and gathered a audience of around 250 Million.

Title Passing

As both of the current monarchs are unable to produce an heir, they are planning to pass the title to his younger brother, Steven and his fiancee, Lady Imanesae Truased, Duchess of Cordonah as early as possible. Furthermore details will be added soon.