Slens Agreement

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The Slens Agreement, officially the Agreement on the Region of Eridani Theta, was an agreement reached on 6 December 2017 between the authorities of Republic of Ambravia and the Second Fortunan Empire, regarding the peaceful resolution of the 2017 Eridani Thetan Referendum. It was named after Slens, an Ambravian city located near the Ambravian-Fortunan border.

The signers were Savino Manfrin, the Interim Chancellor of the Republic of Ambravia, and Tristano Lyone, the High Commander of the Second Fortunan Empire. The requested witness was Secretary General Alegisi Loitey of Furnifold who represented the Peacekeeping Forces of Urth (PKFU).

The agreement acknowledged both nations as independent and sovereign nations, and paved the way towards further peace between them. The agreement also acknowledged Fortuna's annexation of provinces on the island of Eridani Theta and territories further North. The arguably the most important part of the agreement was to further protect the rights of both humans and vulpines, especially after the build up of speciesism on the island.

The Agreement

1. It is to be recognized that the former government of the United Provinces of Eridani Theta has ceased to exist and is to no longer be recognized.

2. The Second Fortunan Empire and the Republic of Ambravia recognize each other as independent states and agree to respect each other's sovereignty.

3. The provinces of Graffias, Zaurak, Merga, Vega, Chara, and Bellatrix are to be recognized as part of the Second Fortunan Empire.

4. The provinces of Acamar, Cursa, Sceptrum, Keid, Theemin, and Rana are to be recognized as the Republic of Ambravia.

5. The city of Equilara is to be split in two between the two signatories, the northern half will be integrated into the province of Rana while the southern half will be integrated into the province of Zaurak.

6. The two islands to the North of Eridani Theta shall be annexed into the Second Fortunan Empire.

7. The Second Fortunan Empire recognizes the military group the Ambravian Freedom Fighters as a separate entity from the Republic of Ambravia. Upon this agreement coming into effect, a ceasefire between the Second Fortunan Empire and the Ambravian Freedom Fighters will be enacted.

8. The rights and freedoms of both humans and vulpines shall be respected by participating signatories.

9. Upon this agreement coming into effect, for 14 days all persons residing in Eridani Theta have the right to move freely to the place of residence of their choice. All persons who have left the region or who have come to the region with previous permanent residence in Eridani Theta have the right to live in the region of their choice.

10. The agreement shall come into effect immediately after the conclusion of this meeting.