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The Skárun Coalition Ministry began on 12 November 2021 following the 2021 election in which Te'a Skárun became the prime minister of Aduraszna.

Skárun Cabinet
Portfolio Minister Seat Majority
President Tsálun Nakhas Tsirun Aduraszna at-large (Presidency) 24.1%
Delegate of the Federal Office Reirenu'a Oszin Istelretsz FO Raszeran at-large (Federal) N/A
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister Reikaura Te'a Skárun MP Vasri'ia Ketsu 69.7%
Deputy Prime Minister Reitaxus Kestrel Sarikai MP Raszeran Tura Q. 47.9%
Treasurer Reitaxus Orun Lan MP
SoSf. Foreign Affairs Reitaxus Heras Leilik MP
SoSft. Home Office Reitaxus Haka Suszel MP
SoSft. Aszar Court Reitaxus Kotrun Raule MP
SoSf. Defence Reitaxus Terán Vaklóris MP
SoSf. Welfare and Social Care Reitaxus Ikhar Serri MP
SoSf. Trade Unions Reitaxus Tsántón Eleris MP
SoSf. Business and Industry Reitaxus Tiszuran Narusz MP
SoSf. Education Reitaxus Jeltaru'a Ka'i MP
SoSf. Transport Reitaxus Tren Firka MP
SoSf. Housing Reitaxus Kai'an Aquras MP
SoSft. Environment Reitaxus Sari'ad Tsaruleta MP
Leader of the Opposition[1] Reitaxus Kai Lexarus MP Salan L. 60.6%
  1. Only invited to "meetings of national security importance"

The Ministry has had one reshuffle since the election, following Solidarity MP Lóra Kaltehan's resignation from the post of Foreign Affairs after her controversial opposition to the purchase of Twin Penguin Seafoods by the Kæra government.

Skárun Cabinet prior to 8 December 2021 reshuffle
Portfolio Minister Transferred to
SoSf. Foreign Affairs Reitaxus Lóra Kaltehan MP Backbenches
SoSf. Defence Reitaxus Heras Leilik MP Foreign Affairs
SoSf. Housing Reitaxus Terán Vaklóris MP Defence