Sigurd Vesgard

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Loyal Servant of the Crown
Sigurd Vesgard
Sigurd Vesgard.jpg
Minister-President of Briaklandr
Assumed office
August 17 2018
MonarchVistari Co-Monarch
Marium I
Norgsveltian Co-Monarch
Preceded byHenrik Oiriata
Leader of the Sosial Demokratene av Briaklandr
Assumed office
January 4 2017
Preceded byErik Storgalan
Personal details
Sigurd Vesgard

(1990-08-01) 1 August 1990 (age 32)
Soleikenborg Briaklandr
Nationality Maanbriak

Sigurd Vesgard (Born 1 August 1990) is a Briaklandrer Politician and former Major of Soleikenborg serving as the Minister-President of Briaklandr and one of the two ex officio Heads of Government of Briaklandr-Maankijkeland - as well as being leader of the centre left Sosial Demokratene av Briaklandr since January 2017, becoming the youngest leader of that party at the age of only 26.

Sigurd Vesgard define himself as a typical social democrat, though despite that has been refered to as a "moderate" Theocratic-socialist by supporters and critics alike. Mainly as result of mixing his religious beliefs and left wing ideals into his speeches. Policy wise his goverment has ensured better protection of Labour Unions in Briaklandr, increased taxes on businesses, further funding for Duaristic churches and social justice policies to increase minority rights. He has been reportedly gotten into several heated discussions with Joren van de Loch over these issues.