Shamir Nevrand

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Shamir Nevrand
Shamir Nevrand drinking tea while waiting for Kyon I, 2020
Born (1964-03-27) March 27, 1964 (age 60)
NationalityDagdian, Nagatoian
Other namesDistant Sniper
Years active14 August 1983 - Present
Known forPersonal Bodyguard to the Nagatoian Royal Family
Notable workSergeant in the Dagda Armed Forces
Major in the Fódlan Resistance Army
Commander in the Royal Army of Nagato

Shamir Nevrand (born 27 March 1964) is a Dagdian/Nagatoian Sniper Officer who is the personal bodyguard of the Nagatoian Royal Family. She is regarded as the best Sniper in the entire Royal Army of Nagato and is a Commander in the Royal Army of Nagato.

At the age of 21, she became a Sergeant in the Dagda Armed Forces and fought in the Dagda and Brigid War in 1985 along with her partner Connor Fletcher for Dagda. After the war ended in a defeat and Fletcher presumed dead, Nevrand traveled to Fódlan and lived as a wanderer until she was taken in by Archbishop Rhea of Garreg Mach Monastery. In gratitude, Nevrand pledged her services to her and joined the Knights of Seiros, though she never became a believer in the Church itself. While there, Nevrand became the Professor of Projectiles and helped students learn archery and sniping targets.

When the Great War of Fódlan started on 1 June 1990, Nevrand, at age 26, fought along with Byleth Eisner and the Fódlan Resistance Army as a Major. Once the Army captured Enbarr, Edelgard von Hresvelg, and Hubert von Vestra on 31 August 1996, the war ended and Eisner united all of Fódlan under his rule. Seeing that she was not needed in Fódlan anymore, Nevrand followed her friend Petra Macneary to Nagato where she became Macneary’s personal bodyguard, and later the personal bodyguard of the Nagatoian Royal Family. Now living in Nagato, Nevrand achieved the rank of Commander and several awards for innovations in weaponry and strategic planning.


Nevrand lives a straightforward life and is blunt and simple when expressing her feelings and thoughts so that she can simply do what is required of her. She suppresses her emotions before and during a battle; having been a soldier and a mercenary, she knows that emotions can rattle her performance significantly. She is not completely cold, however, as outside of battle, she is often plagued with doubts and needless worry. Nevrand likes throwing weapons, gambling, archery, and receiving paychecks. She enjoys tranquility and tends to hide her own presence. She dislikes centipedes, sweet talkers, and spiders.