Second Aivintian Civil War

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Second Aivintian Civi War

Typical Aivintian Soldier, circa 1811
Date15 March 1811 - 17 September 1812
(1 year and 179 days)
File:Aeternal Flag.jpeg The Ascendancy of Aivintis
File:Aeternal Flag.jpeg Aeternist Inquisition
Aeternal Cartographers
Commanders and leaders
File:Aeternal Flag.jpeg The Aeternus
File:Aeternal Flag.jpeg Grand Inquisitor Darren Tennyson
Theodore Stuart
Casualties and losses
Over 1200 dead total Over 200 dead total

The Second Aivintian Civil War, also known as the Stuart Rebellion was a national civil war that lasted from 1811 to 1812. The war involved many of Theodore Stuart’s former “Aeternal Cartographers” - spies and assassins of the Aeternus under Stuart’s command - opposing the Aeternist Inquisition, backed by the Ascendancy of Aivintis. There were a little under 2000 casualties, most of them either Inquisitors or Cartographers. The results of the rebellion would set the stage for the Stuart Monarchy and eventually the Order of Enlightenment.