Aeternist Inquisition

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The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Aeternal Inquisition, commonly known as the Aeternist Inquisition or the Aivintian Inquisition, was a religious, military, and administrative institution established by The Aeternus in Aivintis from 1802 to 1812. The body was organized under Inquisitors and Justiciars who answered directly to the Aeternus, and was intended to root out any surviving nobility or religious minorities and wipe them out. It soon became the most powerful arm of the Aeternist government, and the bloodiest chapter in Aivintian history during peacetime. Scholars estimate around 150,000 civilians were executed, with around 20,000 of those being members of the old nobility or servants of those nobles who helped them flee the Aeternus.