Rorik the Conqueror

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Rorik III
King of Salovia
Relief of Rorik III in Shagonar
Reign135 - 146 AD
PredecessorHenzivi III (Lovian)
Heir ApparentYorik II
Born8 December 116
Gonilavi, now Shagonar (Assumed)
Died12 May 146(146-05-12) (aged 30)
Chita, Salovia (Now Biramura)
Burial13 June 147
Remia Island, Salovia (Now Biramura)
Rorik Odelfv Anevidze
HouseAnevid (through marriage)
FatherHenzivi III

Rorik III, also referred to as Rorik the Conqueror, was the first King of Salovia, and is most well-known for uniting the Suvolic and Kveshi Empires into one through the assassination of his predecessor Rorik II and marriage to Ennala, Rorik II's daughter. His ascension to the throne marked the end of the Azure Wars, but also saw major resistance from a number of Suvolic and Kveshi factions and houses. Much of his eleven year reign was spent reuniting these factions and houses into the Salovian sphere, with mixed success. The most prominent failure was the successful independence of Oceansend from Salovia, and territorial losses in the empire's west.