Robert Hunter

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Robert Hunter
51st President of the South Hills Council of Governments
Nationality South Hills
Assumed Office January 1, 2010
Left Office February 3rd, 2018 (8 Years 1 Month 2 Days)
Personal Details
Born Robert Michael Hunter
July 2, 1939 (aged 78)
Matthews, Ellis Islands
Died February 3rd, 2018
, Felicity McCluncy Memorial Hospital, Elizabeth Federal District
Cause of Death Removed from life support when in a induced coma following massive transischemic attack.
Political Party Liberal Republican (L)
Political Offices

President of South Hills C.O.G
2010-2018; two terms
Governor of the Commonwealth of Elizabeth
1995-2010; three terms
Congressional Representative, District of Duke
1981-1995; four terms
Mayor of Duke, Elizabeth
1971-1981; five terms

Spouse Linda Hunter (m. 1961)
Children James Hunter
Abigail Hunter
Josiah Hunter
Residence Presidential House

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