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Rekelta Cooperative
Native name
Rekelta Kooperativ (Durakan)
TypeState-Assisted Worker Cooperative
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Networking equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • internet
Founded11 September 1939; 84 years ago (1939-09-11) in Hayagrad, Durakia
  • Fredrik Trotsky
  • Karl Merckol
  • Edward Stahl
Area served
Key people
  • Sariv Metenik (Director)
  • Paula Reimark (Spokesperson)
RevenueDecrease 27.67 billion SHD (2019)
Increase 573 million SHD (2019)
Increase 63.07 million SHD (2019)
Total assetsIncrease 46.6 billion SHD (2019)
Total equityDecrease 18.4 billion SHD (2019)
Number of employees
Decrease 98,451 (2020)
  • Rekelta Networks
  • Rekeltech
  • Oratlayn
  • NovAnsof Labs
  • Rekelta Expeditionary
  • Nova Capital
  • Khmara Networks
  • Wilodka Networks
  • Rekelta Radio Frequency
  • Relay TV

Rekelta is a Durakan telecommunications company, with it being the largest company in the country and one of the most successful Worker Cooperatives on Urth. The company began originally producing Military Radio, but soon developed a strong place in the mobile handset market in the late 90s and early 2000s. Rekelta created many of the top-selling mobile devices on Urth, with the Rekelta 1100 holding the title of the highest selling mobile phone and consumer product of all time.

Affectionately known colloquially as "Bricks", Rekelta's bar phones have been renowned for their durability, with rigorous durability testing being a key factor in the marketing of such. While the company has seen a decline following their slow adoption of the smartphone, it still sees great success in the developing world, notably in countries such as Meagharia, where Rekelta is a commonly known name due to its sponsorship of Meagharian Media. As a cooperative, Rekelta also elected to sponser the stadium of the Yadrin Penguins, a team within the Volkian Hockey League, dubbed the Rekelta Arena.

Logo of Rekelta 1962-2004, showing the infamous motto
Logo of Rekelta 1962-2004, showing the infamous motto

It's motto: "In War or Peace, Rely on Rekelta" often shortened to "Rely on Rekelta" - as seen on their previous logo (right) is an example of one of the many nods the company makes to its Military History, with "Military-Grade" Durability being an often used selling point for its products.