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The Razgriz Program, otherwise known as Section H and Hotel Section was a attempt by South Hills at creating eugenically enabled supersoldiers, which was met with limited success. It is still not known of publicly outside of very small circles within South Hills' federal government, and by the handlers of the current agents in operation. Several individuals involved with the program have came forward about the existence of such a program, but were quickly dismissed as conspiracy theorists by the government and mainstream media without evidence. The program was, however, plagued by high expenses (Over one hundred million South Hills Dollars per end-product soldier, as well as astronomical R&D budgets), which led to its hibernation after the first batch of 40 candidates (Of whom only 24 reached operational status). While no new operatives are being trained, the 24 operatives currently in active duty are supported by the Razgriz Operational Network, which ensures they are the most well equipped and maintained soldiers in the nation.


The program saw its beginning when one of the most promising young scientists within the Military Advancement Office, Dr. Katelyn Frank, was asked to investigate the possibility of eugenics in soldiers. This came after intelligence reports (validity of those reports is now debated) of the Pax Caliphate pursuing similar programs. After study, Dr. Frank's team concluded that the only way to make meaningful changes and training for a 'supersoldier' program was to start young; with children whose genomes and bodies are adapt to changes.

Fueled by new reports of the Caliphate's technological advancement, the money was quickly allocated out of the annual "Black Operations" budget for the program. This would end up being the programs administrative downfall.


Dr. Frank named the project after the mythical goddess of war Razgriz, of the now long-dead Paganistic tribes that once dotted the mountains near Jackson Hole where the program was founded. Candidates were selected from the gene pool for orphaned children; children being selected between 5 and 7 year old with exceptional (top 2 percentile) physical strength and IQ. These children were taken - with various stories found for there disappearances, and would be the first - and ultimately only - 40 subjects of the program. Thirty humans were selected alongside ten Vulpines.

Daily routine included physical training, military/tactical training, hand-to-hand combat, and extensive education in the primary languages of Urth, geopolitics, and the world and there place in it. Initially to her detest, Dr. Frank ended up developing what is best associated as a parental bond with the candidates - with most of them eventually referring to her as 'Mom' or 'Mother'. Candidates were allowed to keep first but not last names, ending up with service names along side there number in the program, such as 'Jerome 029'

Candidates were augmented between ten and thirteen with a intensive regiment of hormone shots and stem cell injections; this by far being the most expensive part of the program. Steroids and more intensive augmentations were considered but not pursued due to technical limitations at the time. This still had a profound washout rate; 10 candidates washed out due to complications from augmentation and three died during various courses of training. Those who 'washed out' of the program were offered other sensitive posts within the Intelligence community and the program itself, provided they not speak of what they had done with the project.

Due to legal limitations at the time, the acquisition of enough stem cells for the program was largely procured due to backwater dealings through shadow companies through Tivot, Xagrurg, Valokchia and Asendavia under the guise of cancer research.


The program had mediocre results. While Dr. Frank did not deliver on her promised potential for a army of augmented lifelong soldiers, she was able to present a cohort of extremely well trained operatives, best kitted for covert operations behind enemy lines.

The remaining operatives are almost never used in conventional warfare; with each one costing approximately as much as sixteen main battle tanks, and are exclusively used in high risk high reward special forces/intelligence operations. They are also generally isolated from the conventional ground forces of south hills, who do not know of there organized existence beyond as 'spooks.'


Human Candidates

  • Ryan 001 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, intelligence worker.
  • Kelly 002 - Active
  • Jake 003 - Died during training, 04/05/2002
  • Elijah 004 - Active
  • Nikola 005 - Active
  • Lisa 006 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, works as desk officer, Naval Intelligence office.
  • Viki 007 - Active
  • Kirt 008 - Active
  • Johnathon 009 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, Razgriz program acquisition officer.
  • Jessica 010 - Active
  • Brian 011 - Active
  • Minerva 012 - Active
  • Marcus 013 - MIA during operations, Dveria 2010. Reportedly a Gun for hire. - Naval Intelligence most wanted.
  • Eric 014 - Active
  • Kevin 015 - Died during training, 05/01/2000
  • Gabe 016 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, intelligence worker.
  • Linda 017 - Active
  • Robert 019 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, desk officer, Army intelligence office.
  • Joshua 020 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, intelligence field operative.
  • Mackenzie 021 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, intelligence worker.
  • Rick 022 - Active
  • Hannah 023 - Active
  • Christopher 024 - Active
  • Daniel 025 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, currently embassy intelligence officer.
  • Madison 026 - Active
  • Alexander 027 - Active
  • Scott 028 - Active
  • Charlie 029 - Active

Vulpine Candidates

  • Gregor 030 - Active
  • Bogdan 031 - Active
  • Sebastijan 032 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, intelligence field operative.
  • Stephan 033 - Active
  • Davorin 034 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, intelligence field operative.
  • Samuel 035 - Active
  • Ivana 036 - Active
  • Talitha 037 - Washed out due to failed augmentation, currently embassy intelligence officer.
  • Sofia 038 - Active
  • Svetlana 039 - Died during training, 11/01/2003
  • Vladimir 040 - Active