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Akhalibisi Skyline, with the Itsavs Mountains in the Background
Akhalibisi Skyline, with the Itsavs Mountains in the Background
Flag of Akhalibisi
Akhasi, Libsia
"Peace and Kindness Go A Long Way"
EstablishedJuly 12th, 1717
 • TypeMayor-Council
 • MayorIakob Khalishvili
 • Council of Akhalibisi
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 • City5,617,112
 • Rank2
 • Metro

Akhalibisi is the capital of the nation of Tuvaltastan. It is situated on the eastern coast of Lake Nilovi, and sits as the head of the K'ap'it'ali Province in Tuvaltastan. As the seat for the Tuvalt government in modern times, it is an important major city and serves as the political hub of the nation, as well as the economic hub for the eastern part of the country.

The city was first established in 1717 by Salovian King Yurev VI as the new location for the monarchy to operate out of. During the Era of Unrest, the city would form into an independent nation for a time, before becoming the de facto center for the Salovian Grand Republic. As the Republic gained political support, it soon became the official seat of the Salovian Republic's government, with the former royal palace being renovated into the seat of the Zedakhli, the legislature of Salovia. In modern days, the same building serves as the current location for Tuvaltastan's Zedakhli.

A locally elected mayor and 7-member council have governed Akhalibisi since 1965, surpassing the age of the nation it serves as the capital for by 41 years. The governance of the city is hierarchical, with the Mayor and Council reporting to the provincial governor of K'ap'it'ali, who in turn reports to the Tuvalt Chancellor.