Coraline Poole

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First Lady

Coraline Rose Poole
Coraline Poole
First Lady Coraline R. Poole
Michael Vincent Paige

April 12, 1985
CitizenshipEmberwood Coast
EducationMBA Psychology, BS Neurology
Alma materAura Psychomedicine Academy
Employer(s)Home Base
SpouseNimona Poole
AwardsStephen Y. Ulysses Award, 2016 APA Honorable Graduate

Coraline Poole is the wife of Nimona Poole, and first lady of Emberwood Coast. Her unofficial favorability rating hovers around 89%.

Early Life

Born in Fir, a small sprawl-town outside Portside, Coraline was originally named Michael Vincent Paige. At age 12, she identified as transgender.

She attended Potter Primary School for 6 years, purportedly drawn to "Role-Playing Games" such as Wyrms and Whirlpools. Friends close to the President and her wife say the game has stuck with them, and that they play regularly with a group of close friends.

Teen Years

Coraline began secondary school at Dalton Secondary School in South Portside in 1997. She graduated in 2002 with a 3.7 GPA, and applied to Post-Secondary School at Aura Psychomedicine Academy. Once accepted, she started work at a nearby game shop (which still operates, under the name Spaceships & Spellbooks). She graduated in 2006, after 8 accelerated semesters at Aura Psych.

Nimona and Coraline were married on October 23, 2005, only three weeks before the Plenum Hall Election Nimona ended up winning

President's Wife

In 1999, a winter day drove a woman named Nimona Poole into the shelter of the South Aura Spaceships & Spellbooks, only to see Coraline behind the register. The two hit off immediately, and began to meet repeatedly. This lead to their engagement and eventual marraige in late 2005.


Coraline works with her wife to inspire a sense of unity and hope in Emberwood Coast. She often attends overseas trips and conferences with the president, one such being a trip in 2016 to Arcturia to secure peace with native nationals in the wake of a Staynish effort to construct a canal: the president was seriously wounded during the trip, and the two are said to now be "closer than paint is to a wall" according to one Administrative center staffer familiar with the couple.

Coraline and her wife are inseparable, despite the rigors of the presidential office