National Task Force

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National Task Force
AllegianceKasmiy Police Authority
BranchNational Operations Department
TypePolice tactical unit
RoleDomestic Counter-Terrorism and high-risk interventions
Size≈ 78
EngagementsVarious hostage operations
Gärdar Angström
Ceremonial chiefKing Leonard Sundberg V
The National Task Force, formerly known as the National Task Force of the Kasmisy Civilian Police is a police tactical unit within the National Operations Department of the Kasmiy Police Authority.


After the assassination of Prime Minister Louise Richardsson in 2000, two state commissions were appointed that looked over Kasmiyland counter-terrorism capabilities. As a result, the government gave the task to the Kasmiy National Police Board to organize the "Standby Force Against Terrorism" within the Valmae County Police Authority in 1997. The group was soon renamed NTF and became also a resource for the whole of Kasmiyland. The right to make decisions about when they were used was delegated by the government to the Kasmiy National Police Board.

Tasks & operations

The NTF is meant to handle extraordinarily difficult or life-threatening criminal situations, such as terrorism and hostage situations. The main tasks of the unit includes:

  • Counter terrorism
  • Hostage rescue
  • Special reconnaissance
  • High risk arrests
  • Maritime operations
  • Negotiation in crisis situations
  • Reinforced close protection
  • Securing evidence in complex or high risk situations

The unit also conducts intervention tasks in cities too remote for the reinforced regional task forces of Valmae, Hetford and Joahnburgs to reach, and too complex for the regional task forces of the non-metropolitan regions to handle.

The NTF has participated in international operations in an advisory role. They regularly accompany the personal protection details of the Cranish Security Service abroad, providing a CAT (counter assault team) capability. They were also deployed aboard the York Coast Guard vessels participating in the NSTO-led border security operation.

The difference in the day-to-day intervention tasks between the NTF and the reinforced regional task forces is small and often blur.


The NTF has one head of the unit with a number of subordinated coordinators, and a staff of experienced police officers from the unit. Under this management group the force is divided into 8 groups:

  • Alpha
  • Bravo
  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo
  • Fox (snipers)
  • Golf (snipers)
  • Hotel (divers)

The NTF is part of the National Intervention Concept (NIK). Launched in 2017, this concept standardized and regulated the employment, structure and capabilities of the Kasmiy police's tactical units.


The unit recruits operators bi-annually. To be eligible for service with the NTF the applicant is required to have completed either:

  • Police training: Two and a half year in length (including probationary service period)
  • Minimum of 4 years of continuous service in either the military, coast guard or customs

Applicants who meet the basic requirements are then tested on their physical and psychological stamina during two 2 day periods. If successful they're invited to attend a grueling 10 day selection course in the field, At the end of the recruitment process an average of 6-10% of the candidates remain and progress to the roughly 6 months long operator training course.

Candidates not already serving as police officers undergo a shorter, compressed police training roughly 18 months in length (including a 6 month probationary period) prior to attending the operator training course.


Members of the NTF work full-time in the force. At the units inception the operators used to work two weeks on the unit followed by two weeks of regular police work, but as the need for them increased they changed it to full-time to cope with the demand and the need for more training. Most members have prior military service and as of recently direct application from the military to the unit is possible.

The NTF has a close and active cooperation with the military, they have aviation support via the Air Force's Kaab SH-62 Stealth Medium-lift utility helicopter and regularly train with their military counterpart, the Special Operations Task Group.

The NTF also has an active cooperation with several equivalent units in Yasteria in place via the Northern Yasterian counter terrorism network, especially with other Gordic units such as the Cranish AKS.

For maritime operations the NTF is supported by the Coast Guard whose National boarding group operate Rigid-hulled inflatable boats.