Metrati War

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Metrati War
Part of the Great War, Tavari-Banian Wars
Date15 May 1908 - 21 April 1919 (Banian Theatre)
7 July 1915 - 21 April, 1919 (Ekvatori Theatre)
Result Ekvatori Victory, Banian Defeat
  • Wesnov Protocol
  • Withdrawal of Tavari forces from the Ekvatori Isles
  • Banian withdrawal from Metrati Anar
Dissolution of Mulnika-Nykunia
Estlishment and Independence of Ekvatora
De facto cession of the Ekvatori Isles from Tavaris to Ekvatora
Mulnika-Nykunia (until 1915)
Arsine Battalion (from 1915)

Union of Bana

Ekvatora (from 1915)
Voraki Free State (from 1916)

Durakan Volunteers (from 1918)
Commanders and leaders
Tavaris Vedra Novandri Takašt
Mikail I (defected)
Sergei I †
Tokai Androvai Entašti

Monisola Kumuyi

Mikhail I
Gavrilo II
Ivana Berković

Vladimir Drex
Tavaris 239,525


Casualties and losses
Tavaris 15,569 killed
Tavaris 80,959 wounded
514 killed
1,923 wounded

16,182 killed
82,249 wounded

9,812 killed
17,645 wounded
2,892 killed
6,893 wounded
294 killed
1,203 wounded
In this map, Tavari holdings are in purple and Ekvatora in blue. The islands in pink were disputed between Tavaris and Ekvatora. Bana initially invaded all of Metrati Anar, including the islands in pink, they withdrew from these in 1915 upon the formation of the Kingdom of Ekvatora.

The Metrati War (also known as the Tavari-Ekvatori War, the Ekvatori War of Liberation and the Sixth Tavari-Banian War) was a conflict fought as a theater of the Great War from 1908 until 1919, first between Tavaris and the Union of Bana, with the newly-declared Kingdom of Ekvatora joining in 1915 after making their intentions known to reject Tavari suzereinity. The war was fought over the Pacific Ocean archipelago Metrati Anar, located between the continents of Novaris and Gondwana.

While Bana formally surrendered to Tavaris in 1919, the Tavari-Ekvatori conflict ended only in a cease fire. The cease fire agreement, known as the Wesnov Protocol, was signed in Durakia and technically remains in force—legally speaking, Tavaris and Ekvatora are still "at war", despite having currently signed up to mutual defence through the Tolinsk Accords.