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Mercorea officially the Kingdom of Mercorea is a country located in Northwest Arcturia. It is bordered by the Concordian Ocean to the west; It borders to the east with Phoenixia, at northest it has a maritime border with the Vistari dominion of Valerijk. The Mercorean Mark is the official currency.

Constitutional kingdom of Mercorea

Königreich Mercorea
Flag of Mercorea
Motto: The people of Glory
Anthem: Mercorea Glory
and largest city
Official languagesEltharian
Ethnic groups
100% Human
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Mercorean Kaizer
Henrich III
• Queryberg Speaker
Jimmy Leon Finn
• 2022 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyMercorean Mark (MRMK)
Internet TLD.mrc


In 1400s Mercorea is known for the first time by Ethalrians following explorations and contacts between Ethalrian navigators and native tribes on the coasts. In 1500 the Aethalhafen Missionary Society sends missionaries to convert the Mercorean population to Thaerism, at the same time the nation acquires a strategic importance for the Ethalrian merchants, who establish and build emporiums there to control trade routes. In 1600 the Ethalrian Trading Company was created, a merchant conglomerate composed of bourgeois navigators enriched by trade. Between the 18th and 19th centuries the ETC begins to expand the emporiums by creating real permanent colonies on the coast, buying large portions of land from the native inhabitants who are therefore forced to retreat to the countryside of the hinterland.

In the Early Middle Ages, Mercorea was politically divided into a changing hierarchy of small kingdoms and subkingdoms. Power was exercised by the leaders of some regional dynasties who competed against each other for supremacy over the entire peninsula. the main kingdoms were the Duchy of Mervian, the Grand Principality of Uberta and the union of the Artites.

The first successful attempt to unify the region dates back to 1255; the Duke of Mervian, Aldeer II conquered the south coast of Mercorea and subdued the Union of Artists. Years later he fought a war against the decaying principality of Amberta and its vassals, concluded in 1259 in the treaty of Mupek, which formed the kingdom of Mercorea. The old kingdoms became great electors and together they could elect the king of Mercorea, a kind of assembly was also formed in which the noble houses discussed state affairs.

Mercorea's history of trade led to the emergence of Dalls, in the present-day kingdom of Großer Hafen Dallas , as a regional trading and maritime hub in the area.

Following decades of slow colonization, Mercorea became known as the Merkur States with the signing of the General Maritime Treaty with the Ethalrian empire in 1777, which established the Merkur States as an Ethalrian protectorate. This arrangement ended with independence and the establishment of the United Mercorean Kingdoms, on 2 December 1975 following the dissolution of the Ethalrian empire. After independence, the great electors became federated states.

In the 21st century , Mercorea emerged as a middle power in the Araforsian region through its resource-wealth, as well as its globally expanding media group, Sun Media Network.