List of Monarchs of Kvesh

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This is a list of monarchs of Kvesh, the culture that inhabited the southern coast of Aurora, and includes three different civilizations: The Shalisi City-State, the Kingdom of Kvesh, and the Empire of Kvesh. There have been a total of 57 monarchs related to the Kveshi culture from its first recorded (and verified) monarch in 800 BCE in Shalisi to the last monarch Odelfv, who went on to usurp the Suvolic Empire's king, forming the nation of Salovia. For its entirety, the Kveshi/Lovian culture was ruled under male-preference primogeniture, which was continued by Odelfv under Salovia through to 1792.

Lovian City-State of Shalisi (809-638 BCE)

Grzheli "the Great" I (809-759)
Tzhkhuli (759-738)
Grzheli II (738-709)
Grzheli III (709-682)
Vurghurkhdze (682-660)
Pelizhghrdi I (660-659)
Chrp'elisa II (659-647)
Pelizhghrdi II (647-638)
Chrp'elisa II (638-638)

Lovian Kingdom of Kvesh (638-223 BCE)

Kvesh "the Great" I (638-601)
Kvesh "the Younger" II (601-569)
Chrp'elisa III (569-550)
Yrzala I (550-549)
Zhap'ira I (549-526)
Kvesh III (526-513)
Fzhghra I (513-488)
K'lauzh "the Great" I (488-399)
K'lauzh II (399-382)
Zhap'ira II (382-362)
Yrzala II (362-361)
Kvesh IV (361-351)
Gunt'iro I (351-339)
Zhap'ira III (339-331)
Amadeusi the Great (331-322)
Gunt'iro II (322-318)
Yrzala III (318-303)
Fzhghra II (303-268)
Gunt'iro III (268-252)
Kvesh V (252-250)
Yrzala "the Great" IV (250-223)

Kveshi Empire (223 BCE-146 AD)

Ghezhi "the Great" I (223-202)
Ezhir I (202-195)
Ghezhi II (195-189)
Ghezhi III (189-177)
Fzhghra III (177-176)
K'lauzh III (176-163)
Prits'i I (163-121)
Henzivi I (121-83)
Prits'i II (83-69)
Kvesh VI (69-42)
Gervini I (42-36)
Prits'i III (36-29)
K'lauzh IV (29 BCE-8 AD)
K'lauzh V (8-28)
K'lauzh VI (28-29)
Gunt'iro IV (29-36)
Henzivi II (36-43)
Kvesh VII (43-45)
Kvesh VIII (45-59)
Gunt'iro V (59-75)
Gervini II (75-81)
Prits'i IV (81-92)
Prits'i V (92-98)
Gervini "the Great" III (98-101)
Kvesh IX (101-112)
Henzivi III (112-134)
Odelfv (134-146)