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Commander-in-ChiefHigh-King Lambertus VII
Active personnel90 000

Jomsguards in seremonial uniforms

The Jomsguard is the national royal guard service of the serving monarch of Great Morstaybishlia, that protects the interest of the royal family. The Jomsguard is also responsible for the protection of the Prime Minister.

Ever since the 18th century and the War of Joralesia, the Jomsguard has had a military branch that has gained a elite force status in it's many wars. Currently this military branch consists of four motorized divisions and one armoured division. The Jomsguard divisions are known for their harsh training, that demands for physical and mental strength. It is also noteworthy that it doesn't matter what religion you come from, when joining the military branch, only physical and mental attributes together with absolute loyalty for the empire matter. This can also be seen in the motto of the Jomsguard: "It's better die for the empire than to live for your self."

Modern Jomsguard divisions use the most advanced gear the United Kingdom has to offer, usually produced by Ferrus industries. One of the divisions is armed with the Ferrus Weapon system that combines a modified SC-AR4 rifle with a host of other electronics, clothing, pouches, and body armour. The helmet is an integral SPECTRE helmet fitted with real-time positioning and information system, and with light amplifiers for night vision.

File:Ferrus program jomsguard.jpg
Jomsguard soldiers using the Ferrus Weapon system