House of Fiorentini

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House of Fiorentini
Casa Fiorentini
Blue shield with white serrated diagonal band with gold crown.
Fiorentini Royal Coat of arms
CountryPetra Cauda
Current regionAurora
Current headKing Enzo Fiorentini I

The House of Fiorentini is the reigning royal house of the Crown Dominion of Petra Cauda. Ascending to the throne in 1813, Cipriano I of Fiorentini succeeded the House of Albergati and solidified its power with a wide family tree. Since their ascension, the House of Fiorentini has gained a reputation as firm rulers embedded in tradition. They have acted to solidify the racial apartheid in Petra Cauda and to spread the influence of Deusism. There have been five Fiorentini monarchs to date: Cipriano I, Francesco VII, Giovanni XI, Cipriano II, Enzo I.

As Urth has modernised, the Fiorentinis have observed a decline in the grip they have upon their realm. However, since 2014, Enzo I has implemented a regime to leverage newer modern attitudes to cement the traditions and racial system in Petra Cauda.


Fiorentini Monarchs

Name Portrait Reign

Cipriano I
18 February 1813 – 25 October 1891

(78 years, 8 months)
Francesco VII
25 October 1891 – 1 June 1921

(29 years, 7 months)
Giovanni IX
1 June 1921 – 9 August 1961

(40 years, 2 months)
Cipriano II
9 August 1961 – 6 November 2014

(53 years, 2 months)
Enzo I
6 November 2014 – Present

Living Family Members

First-degree Relatives of the Monarch

The following Fiorentinis are first-degree relatives of the reigning Monarch, Enzo I. Relationship to Enzo I are included in brackets.