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Gyllir Motor Corperation
FoundedAugust 28, 1967; 56 years ago (1967-08-28)
FounderYngvar Schau & Abelin Hauet
Collines-de-l'Ombre, République populaire d'Amatsuka
Area served
Key people
  • Alain Thiers (chairman)
  • Jean-Paul Bittencourt (Vice chairman)
  • Laura Tonnesen (President)
  • Stéphane Chardin (Worker's Representative)
Production output
Decrease 9,472,556 (FY21)
Decrease 9,213,195 (2020)
ServicesBanking, financing, leasing
RevenueDecrease UKR, 256.7 billion (FY21)
Decrease UKR, 2,197,748 million (FY21)
Increase UKR, 2,282,378 million (FY21)
Total assetsIncrease UKR, 281 billion (FY21)
Total equityIncrease UKR, 24,288,329 million (FY21)
Number of employees
Increase 366,283 (FY21)
ParentNorse Way Group through cross ownership:
  • Gyllir Industries cross-owns 8.28%
  • Subteario Corporation cross-owns 3.17%
  • GE&H cross-owns 3.12%
  • Trace-Core Mills cross-owns 0.25%
  • Oakwood cross-owns 0.2%
SubsidiariesGyllir Motors Blaskog

Gyllir Auto Body
Gyllir Financial Services
Gyllir Motors Borea
Gyllir Motors Aurora
Gyllir Motors Concord
Gyllir Motors Novaris

Selma Watercrafts

Gyllir Motors Corporation or more simply known as Gyllir is a Côtois multinational automotive manufacturer headquarter in Collines-de-l'Ombre, in the Republic of Amatsuka within the Federation of the Southern Coast. It was founded by Yngvar Schau, a Norgsveltian industrialist entrepreneur and Abelin Hauet a car designer. The company was established within the Federation on August 28, 1967 with parliamentary approval with accepting a capitalist company. With the parliament approving a law that will consider personal automobiles and watercraft as a luxury product, therefore completely legal to be held as "capitalistic company" as outline in the Federal constitution. Gyllir is one of the largest automobiles manufacturers' in the world, producing around 10 million vehicles per year.

In the 1970, Gyllir rapidly grew as the Federation middle class grew massively thanks to the industrial boom going within the country and the low tariff fees with Norgsveldet. Gyllir is the largest privately held company within the Federation. The corporation is a leader in development in hybrid and electric vehicles, starting with the hybrid car Gyllir Strait-runner in 1995. The first all electric and "affordable" car being the Gyllir Lighting, made in the 2010.

Product Line

As of 2010, Gyllir officially lists approximately 70 different models sold under its namesake brand, including sedans, coupes, vans, trucks, hybrids, crossovers and more recently in 2010 with the electric cars. Majority of the models are produced as subcompact cars which ranges subcompact Gyllir Norick, compact Dawnpak and the most popular sold The Worker.

SUVs and Crossovers

Gyllir SUV and Crossover line up massively expanded out in the late 1980s, primary due to the mountainous landscape across the Federation. The models sold within the federation quickly became the most popular brands within the Federation, with SUVs such as the midsize Eclipse and the full-size Valley. Crossovers became popular within the more coastal and hilly areas of the Federation. For the lower cost of the car while still having enough power to drive around in the hilly areas.

After in the 90s a report was released in showed the SVU with their higher bumpers and truck frame resulted in higher number of fatalities in traffic accidents, as well children being killed by SUVs. Primary due to the clearance of the SUVs being higher resulting in increase fatalities primary in children. As a result of the report, residents of medium to large sized cities citizens faced massive increase taxes on their SUVs resulting in nearly all SUVs to be non-factor within traffic.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks were the first type of car produced by the Gyllir company. Previously only selling in the Federation and Norgsveldet markets for a short 3 years before expanding into world market in 1970. The first model sold internationally on the open market was the Comstar. It was widely proclaimed for its affordably and easy of repair without requiring a trained technician. A features that continues to be a main feature of Gyllir brand pickups.

The Comstar after decades of refinement, has became famous for its easy of repair and cost. As well for being available in various editions such as with crew cabs, gasoline or diesel engine and other different modifications to the base Comstar model.

Within Concord and Western Yasteria, the Comstar has became a major model for the company by 1980s have several different models of the pickup being sold without the two regions. Especially within the Federation where it is more commonly used as personal vehicles in the rural and mountainous regions. Within the Federation pickup trucks are almost completely found in

Luxury Vehicles

Luxury Vehicles are rarely sold within the Federation and is primary is sold to outside of the Federation. The premium sedan Jasper, being the primary flagship brand. It was in 1979, when the company first started producing them, with the goals aimed to be fashionable, reliable and desirable. In 2001, Gyllir started to produce more handcrafted vehicles luxury vehicles, designed around speed and luxury. The new car brand going by the Statlight, has no listed book price rather a starting price before additions are added on by the client. The Statlight proved be a incredibly successful outside the Federation, the success leading the company to create a separate company within Norse Way Group, Mitch & Kolberg specialized in creating the luxury handcrafted vehicles.


Gyllir first product that the Federation government directly purchased in large scale, was the Solidaribus which originally only fit 17 passengers and was a minibuss, though later generations increase it into a full bus of 30 passengers. The Solidaribus became a staple part of Côtois culture, with the tongue-and-cheek nickname of Fromage Express for the alleged smell of cheese of the buses interior. The most successful bus line the company produced was the Gyllir Eider, launched in 2017 it is the most successful transit bus the company has ever produced and the most successful hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle sold on the market by the company. It was designed to be a replacement for the Gyllir Renne in cooperation with the Federal government and Ministry of Transport.


Hybrid electric vehicles

Plug-in hybrids

Battery electric vehicles

Hydrogen fuel-cell

Autonomous vehicles

Non-automotive activities



Higher Education


Carbon removal technologies

Sports sponsorship

Gyllir has been involved in many global motorsports series, providing vehicles, engines and other auto parts under the Gyllir and Mitch & Kolberg brand. The company also also sponsored non-motorsports sports, such as the WIHC world championship, the Venture Cup and the Federal Baseball League.

WIHC World Championship

In 2023, the Gyllir company established a sponsorship deal with the WIHC World Championship and partnership to provide ice resurfacers for the hockey arenas. The partnership being part of the Gyllir new push to sell more fully electric automobiles, including the ice resurfacers. The fully electric ice resurfacers being in a designed in it's frame to look like the new Vangor electric subcompact car.

Series One Racing

Starting in 2023, Gyllir Motor Corporation bought out the bankrupt Eclipse team, changing the team's name from Eclipse Racing into Team Gyllir. Gyllir company replacing the senior level staff with officials and signing on two new drivers from Borean countries.