Grand Sokalan Air Force

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Grand Sokalan Air Force
Grand Sokalan Air Force flag
ActiveCurrently active
TypeAir force
RoleAir superiority
Global integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
Rapid global mobility
Global strike
Wikipedia:Command and control
Size100,000 active duty airmen

50,000 civilians
250,000 reserve airmen

2000 manned aircraft
Motto"Lumipad ng Walang Takot!"(Fly without fear!)

List of Aircraft

AS - Assault

The attack aircraft of the GSAF is designed to attack targets on the ground and are often deployed as close air support for, and in proximity to, Sokalan ground forces. The proximity to friendly forces requires precision strikes from these aircraft that are not always possible with bomber aircraft. Their role is tactical rather than strategic, operating at the front of the battle rather than against targets deeper in the enemy's rear.

BO - Bomber

Grand Sokalan Air Force bombers are strategic weapons, primarily used for long-range strike missions with either conventional or nuclear ordnance. Traditionally used for attacking strategic targets, today many bombers are also used in the tactical mission, such as providing close air support for ground forces and tactical interdiction missions.

CT - Transport

A CT10 lands on the GSS Belth

Transport aircraft are typically used to deliver troops, weapons, and other military equipment by a variety of methods to any area of military operations around the world, usually outside of the commercial flight routes in uncontrolled airspace.

AT - Tanker

EW - Electronic warfare

FI - Fighter

The fighter aircraft of the GSAF are small, fast, and maneuverable military aircraft primarily used for air-to-air combat. Many of these fighters have secondary ground-attack capabilities, and some are dual-roled as fighter-bombers; the term "fighter" is also sometimes used colloquially for dedicated ground-attack aircraft, such as the FI-110. Other missions include interception of bombers and other fighters, reconnaissance, and patrol.

SR - Search and Rescue

These aircraft are used for search and rescue and combat search and rescue on land or sea.

MM - Multi-mission

UM - Unmanned

RO - Reconnaissance and observation

TA - Trainer

UT - Utility