Fowlstone Island

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Fowlstone Island
ᚠᚢᚷᛚᛖᛋᛏᚪᚾ ᛁᛖᛄ (Tretridian)
შუაშალი (Salovian)
Overseas Territory
Flag of Fowlstone Island
Official seal of Fowlstone Island
Coat of arms
Sovereign stateTretrid
Purchased from SaloviaApril 27, 1862
Official languagesTretridian, Salovian
GovernmentParliamentary dependency under a constitutional monarchy
• King
Ælfric III
• Total
786 km2 (303 sq mi)
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$2 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyTretridian pound (TRP)
Driving sideright
ISO 3166 codeTR-FS

Fowlstone Island (Tretridian: ᚠᚢᚷᛚᛖᛋᛏᚪᚾ ᛁᛖᛄ, Fuglestan Ieg; Salovian: შუაშალი, Shuashali) is an island located in the Pacific east of the Oan Isles and north of Vakrestrender. It is an overseas territory of Tretrid.

Originally settled by Salovia, it was sold in 1862 to Tretrid for the price of 460,000 net'a (equivalent to 538 million modern SHD). The talks that lead to the purchase of Fowlstone also lead to the signing of a non-aggression pact between Salovia and Tretrid that eventually lapsed just prior to the Great War. Salovia would occupy Fowlstone for the duration of Tretridian participation in the war and would only return control of the island to Tretrid in 1917.

For most of its history under Tretrid, it has been used as a source of guano for the Tretridian phosphate industry, as well as a strategic point for trade and for potential Tretridian involvement in Aurora. As Fowlstone's guano reserves were slowly depleted, its economy shifted to be less dependent on phosphate production and shifted towards commerce.

Fowlstone Island holds the headquarters of the Tretridian Third Fleet, and was the base of operations of the Novaran Joint Expeditionary Force (NJEF) during the Auroran-Pacific War.