Fortunan Navy

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Fortunan Navy
Marina Fortunano
Symbol for the Fortunan Navy
Founded14 December 1973
Country Second Fortunan Empire
AllegianceHigh Commander of Fortuna
RoleMaritime warfare
Size52,167 personnel
153 ships
205 aircraft
Part of Fortunan Armed Forces
Garrison/HQDestino, Fortuna
ColorsNavy Blue and Gold
Fleet5 LPD
28 Destroyer
24 Frigate
12 Submarine
4 Landing Ship
5 Minesweeper
22 Patrol vessel
(53 Other)
High CommanderTristano Lyone
Chief CommanderCommander Ferdinand Romano
Chief Maritime CommanderAdmiral Battista Lisone
Grand Admiral Francesco Guido
Navel Aviation Roundel
Navel Ensign

The Fortunan Navy (Fortunan: Marina Fortunano, "Fortunan Navy"; abbreviated as MF) is the maritime force of the Fortunan Armed Forces. First formed in 1973 from combining what remained of the Emili Navy, Ancona Navy, and Toscani Navy following the end of the War of Aggression and the birth of the Fortunan Confederation. Following the Unitary Nationalist Party's takeover and the creation of the Second Fortunan Empire in 1999, the Fortunan Navy remained as Fortuna's maritime force and went through heavy modernization. As of 2020, the Fortunan Navy has a strength of 52,167 active personnel with approximately 153 vessels in service, including minor auxiliary vessels. Its primary role is to patrol Fortuna's territorial waters, maintain control of shipping lanes, defend against seaborne threats, and spearhead the Empire's expansion campaigns.



During the First Empire

After the Civil War

After the War of Aggression


The Fortunan Navy is headed by the Chief Maritime Commander, currently held by Admiral Battista Lisone. Its structure consists of the Naval Forces High Command, Imperial Fleet, Logistic Command, Training Command, and various supporting units. Directly serving under the Chief Maritime Commander is the the Naval Forces High Command which serves in supervising and commanding the force.

Imperial Fleet

The Imperial Fleet maintains a majority of the force's ships and is headquartered in Destino. Within it, the vessels are organized into squadrons and divisions as shown below.

  • Toscani Squadron (Terine)
    • Division 1: 1 LPD, 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate
    • Division 2: 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate, 1 Light Frigate
    • Division 9: 1 Destroyer, 1 Frigate, 2 Light Frigate
  • Emili Squadron (Gologma)
    • Division 3: 1 LPD, 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate
    • Division 4: 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate, 1 Light Frigate
    • Division 10: 1 Destroyer, 1 Frigate, 2 Light Frigate
  • IFC Squadron (IFC)
    • Division 5: 1 LPD, 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate
    • Division 6: 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate, 1 Light Frigate
    • Division 11: 1 Destroyer, 1 Frigate, 2 Light Frigate
  • Medium Squadron (Nilo)
    • Division 7: 1 LPD, 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate
    • Division 8: 3 Destroyers, 1 Frigate, 1 Light Frigate
    • Division 12: 1 Destroyer, 1 Frigate, 2 Light Frigate
  • Submarine Squadron
    • Submarine Division 1: 4 submarines (Terine)
    • Submarine Division 2: 4 submarines (Gologma)
    • Submarine Division 3: 4 submarines (IFC)
  • Support Squadron (IFC)
    • Minesweeper Division: 5 minesweepers
    • Landing Ship Division: 4 LSD
    • Replenishment Division: 4 Replenishment Ships
  • Fleet Air Force

District Commands

Working in unison with the fleet are four districts which provides logistical support in assigned area. The four districts consist of Toscani, Emili, Ancona, and Medium Command with the former being the youngest district following the annexation of the Medium Islands in 2012. Each district contains a major naval base; Terine, Gologma, IFC, and Nilo respectively. Connected to each district is an assigned regional squadron whose home is one of the four naval bases. The submarine divisions mainly operate out of Terine and Gologma Naval Bases, recently including IFC with the addition of Submarine Division 3, however they are more flexible and can be assigned to different districts when the need arises. The same can be said for the support divisions.



Ships and submarines

As of 2020, the Fortunan Navy consists a total of 153 vessels including; 5 amphibious transport docks, 4 landing ships, 28 destroyers, 24 frigates, 12 submarines, 5 mine countermeasure vessels, 22 patrol vessels, 6 training vessels, and a fleet of various auxiliary ships. The flagship of the fleet is the newly commissioned HCS Celeste.

Class Picture Type Number Individual Ships Notes
Amphibious Warfare Ships
Celeste-Class LPD 1 HCS Celeste
Claudia-Class LPD 4 HCS Claudia
HCS Stella
HCS Cloe
HCS Chiara
Barbara-Class LSD 4
Lidia-Class Landing Craft Utility 10
Lucia-Class Landing Craft Mechanized 30
Diana-Class Air defense destroyer 16 HCS Diana
HCS Saveria
HCS Amaranta
HCS Caro
HCS Tanaka
HCS Annunciata
HCS Petronia
Dolphina-Class Air defense destroyer 12 HCS Dolphina
HCS Rosaria
HCS Livia
HCS Catarina
HCS Maura
HCS Francia
Flavia-Class Anti-submarine frigate/

Anti-surface frigate

12 HCS Flavia
HCS Violetta
HCS Lucia
HCS Adah
HCS Maria
HCS Acciai
Fiona-Class Anti-surface frigate/

Light patrol frigate

12 HCS Fiona
HCS Basile
HCS Naoko
HCS Elisa
HCS Agli
HCS Umeko
HCS Lora
HCS Soldati
HCS Phebe
HCS Fabrizia
HCS Masuyo
HCS Nadia
Jutta-Class Attack submarine 12 HCS Jutta-1
HCS Jutta-2
HCS Jutta-3
HCS Jutta-4
HCS Jutta-5
HCS Jutta-6
Mine Countermeasure Ships
Campana-Class Minehunter 5 HCS Campana-1
HCS Campana-2
HCS Campana-3
HCS Campana-4
HCS Campana-5
Patrol Ships
Maria-Class Offshore Patrol Vessel 6 ---
Marsala-Class Coastal Patrol Vessel 16 ---
Auxiliary Ships
Rissa-Class Replenishment Vessel 4 HCS Rissa-1
HCS Rissa-2
HCS Rissa-3
HCS Rissa-4
Sibyl-Class Surveillance Vessel 1 HCS Sibyl
Sibena-Class Research Vessel 2 HCS Sibena-1
HCS Sibena-2


The Fortunan Naval Air Force maintains and operates various aircraft, including 42 fixed-winged aircraft and 163 helicopters. The main purpose of these aircraft are to serve in transport and ASW roles.

Aircraft Role Quantity Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Costella Adreana Maritime patrol
Anti-submarine warfare
Costella Angela Utility transport 4
FSED Alayna Utility transport 5
FSED Hadria Utility/transport helicopter
Maritime helicopter

Anti-submarine warfare
Costella Helena Maritime helicopter 20
Anti-submarine warfare
Search and rescue
B&B Red Panda Maritime helicopter 4
Anti-submarine warfare