Fortunan Army

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Fortunan Army
Esercito Fortunano
Fortunan ground force symbol transparent.png
Symbol for the Fortunan Army
Founded14 December 1973
CountryFortuna New New Flag.png Second Fortunan Empire
AllegianceHigh Commander of Fortuna
RoleLand warfare
Size360,000 personnel
Part ofFortunan military symbol transparent.png Fortunan Armed Forces
Garrison/HQDestino, Fortuna
ColorsDark Green and Gold
High CommanderTristano Lyone
Chief CommanderCommander Ferdinand Romano
Chief Ground CommanderGeneral Tolomeo Ursello

The Fortunan Army (Fortunan: Esercito Fortunano; EF) is the ground force of the Fortunan Armed Forces.






Model Picture Type Caliber Notes
L&M P1950 SIG P210 1sr series IMG 3086.jpg Pistol 9x19mm
Submachine Guns
L&M SM1960 M12S Beretta.jpg Submachine Gun 9x19mm
Assault Rifles
PRODAF FA-2 SS2-V1 ID2008.jpg Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm
PRODAF FA-1 Pindad-ss1.jpg Battle Rifle 5.56x45mm To be phased out and replaced by the FA-2.
Machine Guns
PRODAF MG-1 FN MINIMI Standard Right.jpg Light Machine Gun 5.56x45mm
M3 Brown M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg Heavy Machine Gun 12.7x99mm First introduced to the islands in the early 1950s.
Sniper Rifles
L&M SR1995 Ssg3000.jpg Sniper Rifle 7.62x51mm
Grenade Launchers
PRODAF GL-40 40 GL.jpg Single Shot Grenade Launcher 40mm Grenade
PRODAF AGL-40 40 AGL.png Automatic Grenade Launcher 40mm Grenade
Anti-Material Weapons
Cacciatore 3 Panzerfaust3 noBG.png Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher 60mm
Fulmine Breda folgore.jpg Recoilless Anti-Tank Weapon 80mm


Name Picture Type Number Notes
Armored Vehicles
Tartaruga Main Battle Tank 281lvo.jpg Main Battle Tank
Coccodrillo Tank Destroyer Image03-s.jpg Tank Destroyer
Drago IFV Dardo IFV.jpg Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Geco IFV IFV Fortuna.jpg Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Iguana Vcc2 01.jpg Armored Personnel Carrier
Lucertola Light armored.jpg Light Armored Vehicle
Engineering and Utility Vehicles

Artillery and Mortar

Name Picture Type Caliber Notes
Ghiandaia Howitzer Palmaria fsdfsdf4.jpg Self-propelled howitzer 155 mm
Picchio Howitzer 155 towed.jpg Towed howitzer 155 mm
Pettirosso Howitzer OTO Melara Mod.jpg Pack howitzer 105 mm
Gufo Rocket Launcher Id mlrs 700 05.jpg Multiple Rocket Launcher
Tordo AA Anti aircraft.jpg Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun 35 mm
120-M 120 mortar.jpg Mortar 120 mm
81-M 81 mm.jpg Mortar 81 mm
60-M Mortar60mm.jpg Mortar 60 mm