Fortunan Air Force

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Fortunan Air Force
Aeronautica Fortunano
Symbol for the Fortunan Air Force
Founded14 December 1973
Country Second Fortunan Empire
AllegianceHigh Commander of Fortuna
TypeAir force
RoleAerial warfare
Size40,632 personnel
570 aircraft
Part of Fortunan Armed Forces
Garrison/HQDestino, Fortuna
ColorsBlue and Silver
High CommanderTristano Lyone
Chief CommanderCommander Ferdinand Romano
Chief Air CommanderMarshel Aleramo Yannicelli

The Fortunan Air Force (Fortunan: Aeronautica Fortunano; AF) is the air force of the Fortunan Armed Forces. It was first formed in 1973 with the combination of the three states' existing aircraft following the end of the War of Aggression and creation of the Fortunan Confederation. It would then become the main air branch with the creation of the Second Fortunan Empire in 1999 and remains so to present day. The primary responsibility of the AF is to oversee the defense of Fortunan airspace, conduct aerial warfare during armed conflict, and provide aerial support to sea and ground forces. As of 2020, the Fortunan Air Force consists of 40,632 active personnel with approximately 570 aircraft in service.


Post Great War

War of Aggression


The Fortunan Air Force are under the command of the Air Forces High Command with headquarters located in Destino and is headed by the Chief Air Commander, currently held by Marshel Aleramo Yannicelli. Major branches of the AF includes Aerial Operations Command, Aerial Support Command, Aerial Logistics Command, and Aerial Training Command. Similarly to the navy, the AF also split into four regions with regional headquarters located at Terine, Gologma, IFC, and Nilo.

  • Air Forces High Command
    • Aerial Operations Command
      • Toscani Air Force: Terine, Toscani
        • 1st Air Squadron
        • 2nd Air Squadron
        • 1st Missile Squadron
        • 2nd Missile Squadron
      • Emili Air Force: Baronburg, Emili
        • 3rd Air Squadron
        • 4th Air Squadron
        • 3rd Missile Squadron
      • Ancona Air Force: IFC, Rosa
        • 5th Air Squadron
        • 6th Air Squadron
        • 4th Missile Squadron
      • Medium Air Force: Nilo, Telga Gamma
        • 7th Air Squadron
        • 8th Air Squadron
        • 5th Missile Squadron
    • Aerial Support Command
    • Aerial Logistics Command
    • Aerial Training Command



As of 2020, the Fortunan Air Force has over 570 aircraft, many of which were adopted from the military forces of the Fortunan Confederation. With a focus on defense in the late 1970s and into the 1980s, the accumulation of early warning systems, interceptor aircraft, and surface-to-air missiles. Following the creation of the Second Fortunan Empire, military doctrine took a more offensive stance which would include a build up of ground attack aircraft, such as the FSED Uragano, and troop transport craft. Due to the effectiveness of rotorcrafts to operate in the Aspirian Isles mountainous terrain, the AF, along with the navy, is focusing on acquiring more modern and effective helicopters along with looking into other possible VTOL technology.


A FSED Uragano
A Costella Adreana
A Costella Angela
A FSED Hadria
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
FSED Uragano Fortuna ground attack 62 introduced in 2002
Režnek C-FA Tavaris multirole 95 first obtained in 1984
Režnek F1-FA Tavaris multirole 56 first obtained in 1967
FSED enter name here AEW 4
Electronic Warfare
FSED Aria electronic warfare 3
Maritime Patrol
Costella Adreana ASW / patrol 6
Costella Angela RA aerial refueling / transport 5
Costella Angela transport 22
FSED Aria transport 17
FSED Alayna transport / utility 8
FSED Stella VIP 4
enter name here attack 60
FSED Hadria transport / utility 36
Costella Helena utility / SAR 68
B&B Red Panda utility 30
Costella Hilaria utility 2 28 on order
FSED Harmony VIP 8
Trainer Aircraft
Mirage F1-FA jet trainer 2000-T 24
FSED Agata jet trainer Agata-T 33
FSED Alayna multi-engine trainer Alayna-T 6
B&B Red Panda rotorcraft trainer Red Panda-T 21