Flag of Axdel

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Federation of Axdel
UseNational flag
Adopted2005 CE
Designed byCheoqa Strano

The Federal Flag of Axdel is the national flag of Axdel. It has a 1:2 aspect ratio and consists of four equal vertical bands of white, purple, teal, and red (from left to right), and bears a purple eight-pointed star in the upper left corner.

In 2004 after Quartz Fern Coast was incorporated into the federation, a referendum was held asking whether the federal flag of Axdel should be changed to represent the addition resulted in a 68.3% vote for yes. A public competition was announced, and after joke submissions had been eliminated, a shortlist of flags (including the then current flag) was voted on in another referendum. The winner was the design of photographer Cheoqa Strano, and was officially adopted as the new national flag in 2005.

The eight pointed star is a symbol of pan-Axdelism; coloured purple to represent Kormistazm, the civilisation which once united the entire Axdelian peninsula, and is set on a field of white to represent the peace brought on through unification. The purple band represents Korstazia, and the lands association with the history of Kormistazm. The teal band represents Lyrevale, specifically the water of the Lyr river and its tributaries which sustain the country. The red represents Quartz Fern Coast, and symbolises the unique fireleaf trees of the region as well as the volcanic activity of the Auric mountains.

The federal flag of Axdel from 1996-2005