Federal Republic of Meridian Unity

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The Federal Republic of Meridian Unity

Flag of Meridian Unity
Flag of the Meridian Unity
Motto: "Victory through unity!"
Anthem: n/a
LocationMap Location of the Meridian Unity
Largest cityHuaying
Official languagesMeridian Staynish
Recognised regional
Ethnic groups
95.6% Human
3.6% Lupine
0.8% unspecified
Demonym(s)Meridian, Unityian
GovernmentFederal Democratic Military Junta
• Chairman
Norman Bach
Ethan Forde
• Total
691,200 km2 (266,900 sq mi)
• 2018 census
Increase 180,485,984 (N/A)
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Total
⋠3.182 trillion
• Per capita
CurrencyFederal Bohner (⋠/MUB)
Date formatYYYY/MM/DD
Driving sidethe right
Calling code+81
ISO 3166 codeMISC
Internet TLD.MU


Historic overview

The origins of Meridia, an Arcturian land that became reknowned for it's richness in minerals and biodiversity; started well over 300 years ago. The Royalty of Morstaybishlia had become enraptured in the age of discovery and colonialism. Racing to claim new lands and conquests.

The First two territories of MBE were established and purchased with Royal support. Over the years the colonial government expanded it's borders through it's own deals and conquests.

Olympia established in 1682, the port of Edessa would serve as the gate way into the new world. The province of Olympia was a landscape dominated by rolling hills, high grasslands; and temperate rainforests. The National animal Lupusrubrum or Red Wolf primarily inhabits Olympia. With it's closer and even more dangerous cousin the Lupusastutia(Cunning wolf) inhabiting the limited Savannah of north New Athens.

New Athens established in 1782 is an high elevation area covered in sprawling flatlands, and hot savanna's. Known for it's industry with roots back to even before it's discovery. As explorers found natives who used it in everyday tools and cutlery. So abundant, that by royal decree several forced labour camps of extradited fugitives were set up. The silver being shipped straight to the Royal Staynish Mint. A black market for the silver became a major issue that the Colonial government was unable to control. Leading to the common currency that flooded Colonial Meridia, the Bohner. Or “From the Valley” in Justelvardic slang.

Ostersund was acquired in the great colonial war of 1832. Several border disputes and provocation by Ethalrian colonists lead to the formation of a Provincial Militia against Morstaybishlian law. The blood bath ran up and down the tropical forests of North Ostersund. Relations between Ethalria and MBE was on the brink of a war. To avoid such an undertaking aggressive Negotiations allowed Morstaybishlia to buy what was then the deprived, and ill reputed province of Ostersund. Which would turn to be a mistake in the coming years that only strengthened Ethalria's hatred.

The City state of Huaying was absorbed into the Morstaybishlian empire and in turn the Meridia colonies during the mid 1800's. The long independent city state which had been a major trade center and harbour had begun to destabilize as a civil war broke out for who was the true heir. The ruling dynasty and lineage of the isle inhabitants came mostly from the surrounding islands and beyond. Through the use of Gunboat diplomacy and hasty deployment of troops. A side was chosen and proped up as head of the City State.

The Meridia Colonies became the go to trade hotspot of the Arcturian Sea. Exotic animal skins, tobacco crops. But above all the strong industry growing in New Athens, Silver wasn't all there was; large deposits iron, copper, aluminum, and a rare find of titanium.

At the cost of the enviroment coal was heavily imported into New Athens to fuel the rapidly growing industry of mining and production of goods. Which would become known as the reputed Blianta Dubha “The Black Years” in Meridian Justelvardic. Unregulated industry and lack of wage laws saw harsh conditions, underpay, abuse, and health issues.