Eklórus Gambit

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International Forum headquarters in Rilanon, Christie Island.

The Eklórus Gambit is a form of debate[citation needed] that has recently seen frequent use in the International Forum which involves demanding that opposing diplomats should be investigated or tried for particular crimes, including presumption of guilt based on their vote in the General Council. It is named after Kyrlot diplomat Tsárun Eklórus, who first used the gambit by calling for ambassadors that voted for investigations into the Irala Massacre to be investigated for "fraud, bribery, conflict of interest, whatever fits".

The gambit has also been used by Balistrian diplomat Alt'va Tor'kum during the debate for a motion to condemn Balistria for alleged war crimes, who claimed that the General Council members were "simps for the Alkari" and demanded they be tried for betrayal and treason.