East-West Cerdani Neutral Zone

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The Neutral Zone between East and West Cerdani printed on a map in 2021

The East-West Cerdani Neutral Zone also known as the 'Inner Cerdani Neutral Zone' is an area along the border between East Cerdani and West Cerdani where the official borders between the two countries have not been settled. The neutral zone came into existence following the Cerdani Peace Accords of 1922 which defined the border between East and West Cerdani following the Cerdan Civil War. Agreements have been attempted since the 1990s to resolve the border, none of which have been signed or accepted by both East and West Cerdani.

The zone is not officially administered by either government and has been fenced off on both sides since the 1940s with the East Cerdan side existing as an extension of the Inner Cerdan Border. No new buildings have been constructed in the zone since it's creation and both governments are forbidden from establishing any permanent settlement within the zone under the terms of the Peace Accord. A joint West-East Cerdan expedition to map and examine changes in the zone was undertaken in 1979, however no official expeditions or exploration has occurred since and their report remains the most recent official source of information pertaining to the features and settlements in the zone.

Despite the area often being regarded as a lawless and dangerous "no mans land" there has been a growing number of foreign tourists who trespass and explore the zone since the mid 2000s.