Cerdan Civil War

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Cerdan Civil War
Part of the Collapse of the Cerdani Empire
Date16 March 1915 - 27 September 1922

Republican & Communist Victories

  • Complete collapse of the Cerdani Empire
  • Division of Cerdani Empire remnants between East and West Cerdani
  • Signing of the Cerdani Peace Accords of 1922

Cerdani Empire

  • Imperial Guard
    • Fist of the Emperor
  • Royal Army of the Cerdani Empire
  • Black & Gold Order
  • Empire loyalists

Communist Revolutionaries

Republican Revolutionaries

  • Democratic and Freedom Alliance
    • Movement for a Free Cerdani
    • Free Cities Militia
    • Patriotic People's Army
  • Cerdani Social Party (from 1920)
  • Cerdan Brotherhood
  • Organisation for Democracy

The Cerdan Civil War, officially known as the Great Cerdan Revolution in the Cerdani Democratic Republic was a major civil war fought in the Cerdani Empire between various anti-monarchist forces, comprising both republicans and communists, and monarchist forces loyal to the Empire and Emperor. The conflict lasted until September 1922 when the first peace accords were signed between the newly formed governments of East Cerdani and West Cerdani, which had been engaged in low level skirmishes and border conflicts after the royal family fled in April 1922.