Cukish Revolution

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The Cukish Revolution
Part of the Great War aftermath
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-11543, Madrid, Ausrufung der Zweiten Spanischen Republik.jpg
Date27 January - 23 December 1920

Revolutionary victory: Commonwealth Constitution of 1920

  • The previous Commonwealth of New Leganés becomes the Cooperative Commonwealth of New Leganés, the Oblivion Islands and Shoneria.
  • Tripartite division of administration, democratization of all processes to appoint it.
  • High treason condemns and executions of the previous Commonwealth Government members that did not integrate in the new administration.
  • Exile of oligarchs and previous government supporters to Balistria and Great Morstaybishlia
New Leganes flag.png Commonwealth Government of New Leganés
Morstaybishlian Empire flag.png Great Morstaybishlia
Balistrian Flag2.png Balistria
South Peragen flag.png South Peragen

New Leganes flag.png Commonwealth Senate of New Leganés
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Norgsveldet
Alksearia flag.png Alksearia
Flag of Harma.png Harma and Velutaria Support:

South Peragen flag.png South Peragen volunteers
Valerijk Flag.png Valrijkian volunteers