Alfred IV of Tretrid

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Alfred IV
Portrait (1744)
King of Tretrid
TenureSeptember 2, 1729 – November 28, 1771
CoronationOctober 8, 1729
PredecessorBada I
SuccessorBada II
King of Seccera
Tenure1750 – November 28, 1771
PredecessorBada I
SuccessorBada II
Born(1701-02-24)February 24, 1701
Cynebury, Tretrid
DiedNovember 28, 1771(1771-11-28) (aged 70)
Cynebury, Tretrid
SpousePrincess Yvonne of Asendavia
  • Æbbe Ælfrædsdohter
  • Bada II
  • Cynric Ælfrædson
  • Eadgyð Ælfrædsdohter
  • Hild Ælfrædsdohter
FatherBada I

Alfred IV (Tretridian: Ælfræd) was King of Tretrid from 1729 and, under the name Alfredo II, King of Seccera from 1750 until his death in 1771. He was the last Tretridian monarch to personally fight in battle, and his warring got him the epithet "Alfred the Warrior."

His reign saw the great expansion of the Tretridian military, as well as the restoration of Tretrid to great power status, which it had lost in the chaos of the War of the Tretridian Succession and the ensuing Tretridian Anarchy. He was also responsible for Tretrid's rejection of Gustafic Ulvriktru, which would lead to the Ulvriktruar Wars of Religion (though Alfred himself would not live to see it).

His reign would also see a power struggle between the King and the Witenagemot, as the strong-willed Alfred's consolidation of power within Tretrid often brought him at odds with the Witan. During his rule, Alfred was largely successful at centralizing power under the Tretridian crown and undermining the authority of the Witan. However, this state of affairs did not last long after his death, as the Witan would regain much of its power and largely sidelining the King from public affairs.