1978 Blueacian General Elections

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1978 Blueacian General Elections
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All 85 to the Twadde Keamer
43 seats needed for a majority
Turnout64.9% (Increase11.6%)
  First party Second party Third party
  Hamme Tichelaar.jpg Pearsons1.png Viktor Oegema.png
Leader Hamme Tichelaar Pearson Lagonus Viktor Oegema
Party Partij fan de Arbeid ThearistUny Folkspartij foar Frijheid en Demokrasy
Leader since 1 January 2009 20 July 2003 12 November 2005
Last election 38 seats, 44.7% 15 seats, 17.6% 32 seats, 37.6%
Seats won 30 28 16
Seat change Increase3 Increase2 Decrease5
Popular vote 12.503 16.129 2.689
Percentage 48.2% 20% 31.8%
Swing Increase3.5% Increase2.4% Decrease5.8%

Prime Minister before election

Jillert Schuurmans
Partij fan de Arbeid

Prime Minister

Hamme Tichelaar
Partij fan de Arbeid

This was the first election in which the ThearistUny took part, this was the new party formed from .... and .....

41 27 17

seating in de Twadde Keamer after the elections