1973 Blueacian General Elections

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1973 Blueacian General Elections
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All 85 to the Twadde Keamer
43 seats needed for a majority
Turnout64.9% (Increase11.6%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Jildert Schuurmans Viktor Oegema Pearson Lagonus
Party Partij fan de Arbeid Folkspartij foar Frijheid en Demokrasy ThearistUny
Leader since 1 January 2009 12 November 2005 20 July 2003
Last election 28 seats, 32.9% 28 seats, 32.9% 29 seats, 34.1%
Seats won 38 32 15
Seat change Increase10 Increase4 Decrease6
Popular vote 12.503 2.689 16.129
Percentage 44.7% 37.6% 17.6%
Swing Increase3.0% Increase1.0% Decrease1.9%

Prime Minister

Jildert Schuurmans
Partij fan de Arbeid

These were the first Blueacian general elections. After the one-sided leave of the Morstaylian Empire the leaders of Blueacia wanted to built the government in a reasonable pace, so the 3 biggest parties of Blueacia got the chance to govern over Blueacia for the first 3 years. A coalition was formed between the PfdA and the TU giving them an majority of 62.3%

38 15 32

seating in de Twadde Keamer after the elections