Žarís Nevran Alandar

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Her Excellency
Žarís Nevran Alandar
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tavaris
Assumed office
18 February 2021
DeputyJeila Telan Vandravat
Preceded byŠano Šonai Tuvria
Deputy Prime Minister
In office
31 January 2017 – 18 February 2021
Preceded byUdria Nakani Dovradai
Succeeded byJeila Telan Vandravat
Minister of International Trade and Development
In office
31 January 2017 – 18 February 2021
Preceded byNokrai Ožara Tendoríl
Succeeded byNitai Lavra Endošti
Delegate of Line Nevran to the Diet
Assumed office
18 June 2012
Preceded byNari Nevran Alandar
Personal details
Žarís Nevran Alandar

(1975-01-02) 2 January 1975 (age 49)
Nakaš, Tavaris
Political partyDemocratic National Party
Spouse(s)Linai Nevran Alandar
née Nakana Modrovai
m. 12 July 2021
Residence300 Zaram Avenue, Nuvrenon, Tavaris
Alma materUniversity of the Aequator,
Tomís, Nandrat Province, Tavaris

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Žarís Nevran Alandar (alternately spelled Zharis Nevran Alandar, born 2 January 1975) is the current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tavaris, serving in that position since February 18th, 2021. In this position, Nevran Alandar also serves as President of the Council of State, which is similar to a privy council in other monarchies. From 2017 until 6 March 2021, she was Deputy Prime Minister under Shano Tuvria and also held the portfolio of Minister of International Trade and Development. She is the leader of the Democratic National Party (DNP), the leading center-to-center-right political party in Tavaris. Like her predecessor, Nevran Alandar is considered to be in the "centrist" camp of the DNP and is generally identified as neoliberal.

Nevran Alandar assumed the office of Prime Minister after her predecessor resigned to serve as Secretary-General of the International Forum. 46 years old at the time of her election, she is the youngest woman to serve as Prime Minister of Tavaris. She is also noted as an Aldanic Games gold medalist in volleyball; she and her team took home the gold at the 1992 Summer Aldanic Games held in Nuvrenon. Nevran Alandar was 17 years old at the time. She also competed at the 1994 Summer Aldanic Games in Stromharad, Asendavia.

Early Life

Nevran Alandar was raised by her parents, Nari and Daronal Nevran Alandar, in Nakaš, a city in southeastern Tavaris on the opposite side of the Strait of Kings from the capital, Nuvrenon. Her father was a teacher, while her mother was at that time an elected member the Ino Province Legislative Council. Her mother, Nari Nevran Alandar, would later be elected to the national Diet and serve as a member of the Cabinet. Žarís was known for being athletic in school, in particular playing football (soccer) and volleyball. With Nevran Alandar on the team, her secondary school Nakaš Country Day Academy won the national volleyball championships in 1992 and 1993.

For university, Nevran Alandar attended the University of the Aequator, a small, private liberal-arts university, on an athletic scholarship, where she played volleyball all four years while studying for a degree in economics. She graduated in 1997 with honors. Upon graduating, she began her mandatory 3-year period of conscription in the Royal Tavari Armed Forces. She served in the Royal Tavari Air Force as a military police officer, spending the majority of her conscription at Sinajärv Air Base in Rodoka. After her service, she worked as a volleyball coach at the University of the Aequator from 2000 until 2005, winning national collegiate championships in 2001 and 2002. From 2005 until her election to the Diet in 2012, she worked as a policy analyst and later fellow at the Tavari Institute for Economics, a think tank associated with the Democratic National Party.

Member of the Diet

Žarís' mother Nari passed away suddenly in April of 2012. At the time of her passing, Nari was the leader of the DNP, then in opposition, and had been in the Diet for more than 20 years. A major force in Tavari politics at the time, Nari Nevran Alandar's death made national news and, as the leader of the opposition, was afforded a state funeral. A by-election was held for the seat in June of 2012. Žarís was nominated by the DNP to stand as the party's candidate in the by-election to replace her late mother. Line Nevran was believed to be a somewhat-safe seat for the DNP, but party leadership felt their chances would be better if the name Nevran Alandar continued to be on the ballot, and the Nodri Randai Doranan Liberal-Green government of the time was viewed to be weak and destined for an early election. Žarís was expected to only hold the seat for a short time as a "caretaker." Shano Tuvria would replace her mother as Leader of the Opposition.

However, Žarís proved to be an able political strategist and has remained in the seat since her election. In 2014, she was made Shadow Minister of Rodokan Affairs, and a year later was named Shadow Minister of International Trade and Development, the department her mother had served in as Minister between 1994 and 1999. As the topic has long been a personal interest of hers, she kept the portfolio even after becoming Deputy Prime Minister, being the first to serve in those two roles at the same time. She was appointed Deputy Prime Minister by Tuvria after the 2017 election in recognition for her "shrewd sense of strategy and her skill in communication."

Personal Life

Nevran Alandar has been famously coy about her personal life and very rarely directly answers any public questions about her relationship status. On December 23rd, 2020, she announced at a press briefing that she is a "proud lesbian woman" and that she had entered into a relationship with her former Chief of Security, Linai Nakana Modrovai, a retired veteran of the Royal Tavari Army and disability rights advocate. She and Nakana Modrovai married in a civil ceremony attended only by close family on July 12th, 2021; Linai took the names Nevran Alandar upon the marriage. She has two pet ferrets, the first ever such animals to live at 300 Zaram Avenue, named Marshmallow and Marzipan. She is known to be fond of wine from the Benesuolo region of Volscinia.

Nevran Alandar is known to be fluent in Tavari, Staynish, and Rodokan, which she picked up during her military career. She also plays the saxophone. She is a 12th cousin, once removed, of Vana Dandreal, the 37th and current Matron of the Church of Akrona. Through an earlier ancestor, also shared with the Matron, she is also a 13th cousin once removed of King Zaram V.