Warhaa Galay

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Warhaa Galay
National Anthem of Moham Hallat I Ziaraat

Warhaa Galay is the national anthem of Moham Hallat I Ziaraat adopted in 1980. The anthem was composed and written by Bulaj Nabi.


"Warhaa Galay" was composed in 1941 in Pay Takht. The lyrics and the music were composed by Bulaj Nabi who also first recorded and played it to a live audience in a club in Pay Takht.

Bulaj Nabi is quoted to have said "I saw in my dream the marching of an army, our army, and hearing the march in tune with to a song. I was grasping to hear the tune. When it came to me, i shot awoke and immediately wrote it down. I played it in the morning and it found its way into my soul."


Warhaa Galay
Ziaraa English Translation

Ay Ziaraat, ay ghawariat

Ay sthaw mazaka jorowhal fazeeb

Lareesta thaw khabaw thawuq

Dee sar i Gondowan lay-tazuq

Ay dukhmon kah thaw ye karnhe khee za jorowhal pal

Dee me hayat khowarhale lar morat i karal


Rah sthaw hoob jarhedal me da

Me soch addo lareesta thwa ta

Me hayat dasaraw qhabel d sthaw chookawaq

Dee at i Ziaraat lay-tazuq


Karnhe i ghor ey ghawar durran

Khara i sthaw nawa bret zan

Kala deemay tash me tapan

Orowal ma sahbeh pekh bay sthaw

Domra aflaak tavedaw

Waranghon rokhanya i Yazadaw larb us



Ziaraat, ay me zarquan janat

Me mustaqabal rokham zak i thaw

Kah anghar awradail par ma

Sthaw hoob addo praak me tapan

Sthaw obaw khawra ao hoob jorowhal me meet

Kah sthaw hoob praak me tapan da treekhedal akra



O Ziaraat, o bejeweled land

O, your soil is the wellspring of virtues

Far from you may the thoughts of evil be

May the head of Gondwana be ever lasting

O enemy, if you are of stone, I am of steel

May my life be sacrificed for the sword of my motherland


Since your love became my calling

My thoughts are never far from you

My life is not worthy of your cause

May the land of our Ziaraat be eternal


The stones of your mountains are jewels and pearls

The soil of your valleys are better than gold

When could I rid my heart of your affection?

Tell me, what will I do without your affection?

As long as the heavens revolve

The light of Yazadaw will always guide us



Ziaraat, o my green paradise

Bright is my fate because of you

If fire rains on my body

Your love will never escape my heart

Your water, soil and love molded my clay

If your love leaves my heart it will become barren