War of Aivintian Unification

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War of Aivintian Unification
Aivintian Unification Battle.jpeg
Teronian soldiers in the Battle of Coningsby Field, December 1763
Date27 January 1760 - 4 June 1764
(4 years and 69 days)
  • Formation of the United Kingdom of Aivintis
  • Establishment of the Duchy of Maven under Aivintian rule
  • Aivintian Recognition of Ethalrian rule in Westport
  • Cession of Chesterfield and Red Leaf Forest to Westport
Dale Flag.png Kingdom of Teronia
Carlisle Flag.jpeg Kingdom of Carlisle (from 1763)
Maven Flag.jpeg Kingdom of Maven (from 1763)
Derrim Flag.jpeg Principality of Derrim (1761-1762)
Bricaster Flag.jpeg Kingdom of Bricaster (1762-1763)
Redmond Flag.jpeg Redmondburg (1763)
Grandys Flag.jpeg Kingdom of Grandys (1764)
WesthafenFlag.jpeg Kingdom of Westport (1764)
Commanders and leaders
Dale Flag.png King Dale
Dale Flag.png General Wade
Maven Flag.jpeg Duke Harrison Florence
Derrim Flag.jpeg Prince Harold of Derrim
Bricaster Flag.jpeg King Peter of Bricaster
Redmond Flag.jpeg Duncan Redmond
Grandys Flag.jpeg King Ranser of Grandys
WesthafenFlag.jpeg General Reinhard
Casualties and losses
Over 40,000 dead total Over 100,000 dead total

The War of Aivintian Unification, also known as the Unification of Aivintis was a regional war that lasted from the Siege of Derrim in 1760 to the Treaty of Norwich and Adelslin in 1764. It involved every Petty Kingdom in Aivintis, with just over 500,000 soldiers fighting over the. There were over 140 thousand soldiers killed in the fighting, or from starvation or hypothermia during winter campaigns. This was the first major demonstration of military power in the Warring States, and the first instance of total war since the Thurid Dynasty. The results of this war would be the foundation for Aivintian history from that point on.